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North Fork FSR - Beware!

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  • North Fork FSR - Beware!

    I tried to do a route around Shuswap Lake yesterday (opposite to SteveShannon's Perry River route) and went from Squilax to Seymour Arm. I'd hoped to try fishing some of the pools in the Perry River. At Seymour Arm, the locals are very friendly but, unless you want gas for your houseboat or a 6-pack of Bud Light Lime, its hard to find anyone who's helpful, especially about the roads in the area. In spite of asking several likely-looking people, I wasn't able to find anyone who knew about the washouts/bridge construction on the North Fork or the Gorge FSRs. I decided to try to find out for myself so I rode down the North Fork and sure enough, there was a washout around the 48km board. I have a DR650 and decided that I wasn't going to attempt it by myself, especially since the sign said there are two more bridges out farther along. I figured the water to be about 2.5' deep but the steep approach on the far side was what deterred me the most. ATVs have chewed it up pretty good and someone has put in a couple of wooden ramps to help get up.

    I went back to try the Gorge FSR but right at the north end, there was a "Road Closed" sign. Not being one who believes every sign I see, I kept on riding but I met a crew replacing the bridge at around 1km and couldn't get through. I'd imagine that the bridge work would be complete by today though.

    Anyway, even though I didn't make it to Craigellachie as I'd hoped, it was still a good way to spend the day and explore the area.

    I have some images to share (bridge out/water crossing at 48km) but apparently "I don't have the permissions to perform this action" so no images will be shared. Too bad.

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    I'm interested in that route also, just haven't had the chance to ride much lately. Seymour Arm is a funny town. Did you consider the ride over to Momich as an alternative, or a run up north of Seymour Arm?
    Good idea not to attempt that crossing without back-up.
    I'd like to see those pics, maybe a mod could help or they could be posted to a hosting site!


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      A cpl weeks ago I met 2 guys in the Gang Ranch area. Bumped into them a few times over the following 2 days. They were doing the TCAT.They were 7 weeks into the ride and had 2/3 days left.
      Here is a link to some info.

      I checked out their ride and saw this Google Earth shot of their GPS there is a way through but not sure if this is the road or what.

      My life has a superb cast, but I can't figure out the plot...


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        Thanks for the link, Joker....I expect that would be the route, although I didn't compare it turn for turn