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May 19 2018 Chuwhels

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  • May 19 2018 Chuwhels

    Gonna head out for a simple ride around Chuwhels, mostly fsr and two track. Maybe 80kms. I have a plan, looking for a cool route over to Tunkwa Logan Lake.

    This will be a sub 650 ride or if you have the skills on your big bike it should be doable will adjust the ride to the skill level (in other words dont worry if you are good enough just come out)

    I will be riding from Aberdeen thru Goose Lake road, should be at Goose Lake and Lac LE Jeune Road at 09:30

    If interested post here or PM me

    Tom Timmerman
    Past President DSBC

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    I just go back an hour ago from the Goose lake trails on my DR. They are in great shape. Some snow patches up around Connelly Lake, the single track around there is pretty muddy. I wish I could make it tomorrow, have a good ride.
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      Thanks bkoz, if I have some time I will try and post some pics too. We were at Connolly Lake a couple of days ago found a old grade/trail on the North side of the lake, that where I am heading today. Tom
      Tom Timmerman
      Past President DSBC


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        I am back now, was a little lonely riding by myself but I sure can pack on the miles with no one to talk to. 4.5 hours and 120kms. I will see if I can post the KMZ file of the loop I did.

        Spectacular day and for a long weekend I saw hardly anyone out there, perhaps I just was a little to far off the weekenders path? Great DS route with a bit of everything, will definitely do this again

        From my place its only about 10 kms to Goose Lake Road and the beginning of the Gravel

        Here I am traveling West along Goose Lake Road and that will be Greenstone Mtn in the background

        Ajax Mine Site. Very controversial and divisive amongst the people in Kamloops, I could have gone either way but glad the project is dead for the time being. Pretty nice area so close to Kamloops it would be terrible to see a giant open pit mine replace all these rolling hills. Not to mention my riding route to Chuwhels.

        Just off the Lac le Jeune Road entrance to Inks Lake area. Old sign that could use some updating.

        Under Highway 5

        Heading to Connelly Lake, some logging been done but the way is pretty well marked. Dont let the road fool you, it get tougher

        Connelly Lake Pictures

        Peter and made it to here a couple of days ago and wisly cut some of the trees that were across the trail. this is just west of Connelly Lake

        Route is getting much smaller now, I decided to go around my planned route as I had know idea of how long this deactivation was. This is rideable but could use a little cleaning. Anyhow it turns out that this is only about 150m of mess and then turns back into a good grade. I know this because I rode around to the other side. I plan to go back and clean up as this is a good access to the trails on the West side of Chuwhels and my ultimate goal of a DS route to Logan Lake

        This is my alternate route to bypass the deactivation, also a good route and a lot lower in elevation

        Dont forget to close the gates

        this is also part of my alternate route around the deactivated road, very nice and worth the time to discover

        A lake along the way, very close to Inks Lake

        Lower grade very close to Inks and Hwy5

        Inks Lake entrance and just about the end of my ride.

        Tom Timmerman
        Past President DSBC


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          Of course you need a map to see where I was
          Tom Timmerman
          Past President DSBC