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Kamloops, I am out riding again May 28 2018

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  • Kamloops, I am out riding again May 28 2018

    I know I should be looking for a job or doing something very important around the house.........but I am going out riding again. As unusual anyone is welcome to join in, ride will be dictated to the riders ability.

    Same plan (or similar) from Kamloops to Tunkwa Lake thru Greenstone Area. there are a couple of things I would like to check out, a lot less dead ends this time. Well under 200 kms this time. Interested just post or pm me here

    Can meet at the Petrocan at Versatile and TCH 10am, just look for the red and white Husky 310
    Tom Timmerman
    Past President DSBC

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    How did you guys make out? I assume you poked around on the trail I sent you. Lots of sawing I bet.


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      That was a fun day with little sawing. We found a nice trail previously used by cows, connected a couple or 3 roads on quad trails and ended up where we started (Chuwhels Lk)
      PS almost forgot the huge water crossing at Inks Lk. Twice!
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        It was a really good ride, found connections from Dominic FSR across to Chartrand FSR that only the cows use (until now). Finding the connection to Charland FSR makes for a quick off road route to Logan Lake and a more Southern connection to Tunkwa Lake, now we can make a loop without doubling back on any tracks.

        Door to Door for me was 100 kms

        and the kml file for you gearth types attachment is below or here may282018chartrand.kml or the gpx may282018chartrand.gpx

        Only took a few pictures

        Inks Lake Crossing It does not show well but I would guess the water is around 2 feet deep, good to clean the rims and water my new wheel bearings

        Fun old grade

        And some good ol 2 track
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        Tom Timmerman
        Past President DSBC


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          On the way out in the morning we followed the yellow lines under the water (Inks Lk) On the way home the water had risen enough that the lines were no longer visible through the deepest stretch and the waves were knocking us off course. Fish were not biting.
          The road to hell is paved ..