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Crossing the Bedsprings Bridge

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    Any headway fellas? I know this post is a little old but I just found it looking for Bedspring pics..I could surrender some time looking for alternates and have prodded around the burnt bridge side a half dozen times or so.


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      No action on the south side. One of the creeks presents a major obstacle and requires building a substantial bridge. The other creek requires a ramp of some sort. Plus these would have to be KLR/ATV friendly to get any use and upkeep. Not enough guys interested in building this size of structures. For me, I am only out there once a year.

      We can always hope for logging to put in something...


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        Getting bike though would be a challenging trail, if you plan for quads and SxS, my experience is you will have to build a road grade. Every "trail" at Tamihi that was not originally a road grade that we have at Tamihi has been destroyed by the quads. Even the old road grades take a beating, it's just the nature of the beast.
        Tom Timmerman
        Past President DSBC


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          Things are a bit different on the lower island because its private land, and any trail building is illegal. So no one worries about liability and such.

          Our ATV trails here are basically rutted, nasty dirt bike trails, but twice as wide. Not may SxS here, so they are typically only wide enough for a quad. Turns out that making them KLR friendly is actually more work than making them ATV friendly. However, by making them work for both KLR and ATV, then we'll get more use and more likely to be maintained.

          All a mute point though. I think the obstacles are too big, the number of workers too small, and the amount of use will not be enough to justify the effort. Just not that many people here.


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            I am disappointed to that is sounds like this wouldn't go forward - I would love to ride that old rout out to Renfrew (even if that old bridge isnt there anymore). I would help if the idea ever gets resurrected.