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thanks for the ni ride aug 2017

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  • thanks for the ni ride aug 2017

    alright lets try this out!! thanks so much for all the work put in to make posting possible again.

    Once again Island Hopper recently provided a good sized group with a good sized ride, that was a whole heap of fun. Though perhaps a wee bit dusty thanks to hot dry weather and lack of recent rain a great ride and good time was had by all, even though the weekend wasn't without a little carnage....

    leaving kamloops behind was not much help in escaping the smoky skies.

    the group mustering up at the Chevron referred to as 19/28. Already down a bike with rad/hose/water issues, and another with the beginning of electrical issues.

    first nights camp after a short ride unfortunately saw us down a rider due to a whacked knee after a low speed get off. Plenty of camp space if not camped exactly where wanted, great spot.
    getting lined up to leave camp on our first full day.


    a mess of bikes all taking five dollars and twenty two cents worth of fuel.


    a couple of old tractors and a large lump of burled tree.

    dinner time after a full day on the bike.

    telling stories over breakfast before heading off for the day.

    due to a wee misunderstanding of routes my klr would ride both route options today which meant that there was twice as much scenery to be seen, not a bad thing.
    climbing out of the thick blanket of fog (seen on the right side of this 6 shot pic.) revealed the clear sunny skies if a little smoky.

    after crossing back inland to pick up the harder track it was followed through the well groomed singletrack back towards telegraph cove, for the second time today.

    though piloted with great confidence and ability, there were some alignment and contact issues with the BMW's luggage and immovable objects causing it's sudden and immediate removal. If the pannier was a Clint Eastwood bad guy, it would've had it's head blown clean off.

    breaking camp on the last day of the trip. taken just before the chore of successfully getting a refusing to start klr going.

    a few hours later on the inside of the Island.

    pauls vintage Yamaha along the trail to the falls.


    this last shot has the bikes on the path to the falls, and would be the most bikes seen together for the trip as the group slowly by by bike splintered apart as guys headed off to home here and there. With less than a hand full left we arrived back in campbell river later in the afternoon.

    thanks again David for putting this on, sorry for the late report. Nice to see some of the old faces, nice to meet some new ones.

    Until next time, as always.

    thx. fer lookin. Wayne.
    a smart man only believes half of what he hears, a wise man knows which half.

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    I'll add a few photos and a Big Thank You to Dave and his crew of guides! Doug and I (Kirk) had a great time and will try to make this trip next year.


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      Damn that looked like a lot of fun


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        WOW, looks like some pretty serious (fun) riding with what must be some pretty serious riders. Thanks for sharing
        Tom Timmerman
        Past President DSBC