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Trail closures :(

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  • Trail closures :(

    I'm looking for information on how much moisture we need to ride the trails again in the Comox Valley. I just got back from camping at Comox Lake and it is pretty moist in the bush up there, probably not enough water yet. I am having a hard time finding info on timberwest and other companies opening anything up for us. Thanks for inputCheers

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    Island Timberlands publishes a blog. On it they will list closures. Right now, their land is closed.

    Timberwest never allowed anyone on their lands anyways. So any trail access is illegal access whether dry or not.

    Good luck figuring out who owns what land. There is no published map. When we run events or races, we submit a map to TW or IT, then they tell us if the route is on their land or not. Then they wait until the last possible second to tell us we cannot run the event. Ah well, they own the land...

    Crown land is managed by Ministry of forests. This website indicate use. - Basically all is open but for a section in SE BC that is currently burning. Most stuff north of CR is above the E&N land grant and is MoF.

    Here is a pic of the E&N land grant. It is all private land now.


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      OK so the logging company owns the land... but I was told recently that the logging roads were built with a significant subsidy of public money, and part of the deal was that the public would always have access to the roads. I was also told the logging company can't kick you off the road unless there was active logging going on. Can anyone substantiate that nasty rumor?

      By the way, I'm not advocating entering the woods during a fire ban. I just want to know if there's any basis to what I was told.


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        It looks like Timberwest lifted the ban in the Cumberland area, I tried to attach the notice but am unable to with my phone


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          Here is some interesting reading

          Public access to areas of Crown land can be legally restricted in several ways:

          • The Land Act (section 66) and the Motor Vehicle All Terrain Act (section 7) can be used to createprohibition regulations that can restrict the use of all motor vehicles either seasonally or yearround. 20F21
          • The Wildlife Act (sections 108 and 109) can be used to prohibit or restrict access to specific areasor to roads for the purposes of protecting wildlife or wildlife management. These restrictionsare regulated (and the areas defined) under:- the Closed Areas Regulation, which restricts hunting and trapping in specific areas;- the Public Access Prohibition Regulation, which restrict all access to an area; and- the Motor Vehicle Prohibition Regulation, which restricts specific mode of access (motorvehicle or ORV) for specific purposes (areas are either closed to hunting or simplyclosed).
          • FRPA (section 58) can be used to restrict public access to Crown land for the purposes ofprotecting a recreation or range resource. These restrictions are enabled through a publicrecreation order under the Forest Recreation Regulation (there are no regulations in force forrestricting public access to protect a range resource).
          Tom Timmerman
          Past President DSBC


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            Originally posted by CV Cruiser View Post
            It looks like Timberwest lifted the ban in the Cumberland area, I tried to attach the notice but am unable to with my phone
            I'd be interested in seeing this, when you get a chance to post it.


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              United riders of Cumberland Facebook page has the update on Timberwest lifting the fire an and resuming logging, I can not save the image one iPhone and upload it, probably the wrong format.


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                Cool thanks. I am surprised TW works so well with you guys. Down south its nothing but closures all year round.


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                  In my experience they have been pretty good. If they really don't want us in they put up
                  security at the gates and we respect that when they do. When they don't want us in, it's usually for a legitimate reason. I just got back from a ride with my so. And it is plenty moist in the bush ��


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                    Here is what TW publishes about access to their private lands:


                    "Riding ATV’s, UTV’s and dirt bikes on TimberWest property IS NOT PERMITTED. Vehicles transporting the aforementioned will not be granted entry. TimberWest land is privately owned managed forest land."

                    I think if you have a plate on a dual sport, they often let you in at the gates.

                    As for the Cumberland biking trails - well these are not for motorized use. they are for MTB only.

                    Anyways, that is the official line from TW about access on "their private lands". Now, as for what you do, thats up to you...