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Rekluse clutch on a Ktm 690 Enduro R

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    Obviously you will get all sorts of opinions. Your best bet is to evaluate it for yourself. There are three models. Z-start pro (the original), Core 2.0 and Core 3.0. The Core models have the best feel to and usablity them.

    And who cares if Walker or Jarvis dont use them. Its what you like and what you want. On my bikes I have a mix of full clutch and Rekluse. Different purposes - Love em all.


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      I have been using my Rekluse for little over a year and like many people say they love them but there is also a large group who hate however have not ridden with one to properly evaluate.. First off on a 690 I would say no I wouldn't want one. I had chance to ride 690 on the Loose screw B route. It was 16/48 gearing setup and the clutch on it was fantastic. One or two finger use all day and bike just lugged along nice.

      Now on the topic of taking off the clutch lever that's fine if you are only doing offroad but I still like to ride my 530 on the street here and there and I would go nuts not being able to use my clutch for downshifting to match rev's. Up shift no issue rekluse or reg clutch doesn't matter smooth if timed right. It is nice to have a rear brake on the handlebars. The new electric KTM with no rear brake pedal is the way to go once they can get 3-5 hrs ride time on battery I would be first in line to buy one. breakdown of pro's and cons Cons first I would say not having option to turn bike off on super steep downhill and using clutch for brake. 2 If you don't make that hillclimb you better get bike turned sideways on hill as your in N the prev note about going downhill and having no engine braking is incorrect you have normal feel of engine braking until you go to the point of idle on engine then it disengages you can give smallest blip of throttle and if engages right away or pull in clutch handle rev a small amt and release and same deal...

      PRO's You still have full control of your clutch.. sliding into corners and locking up your rear without any risk of stalling is nice.. staying a higher gear in certain corners and powering thru feels great.. It is in my opinion great for riders who know the basics and can use one as a crutch to go next level of rider quicker than with standard... I personally have not had the chance to ride a trials bike but think that is the best way to learn balance clutch and feel then move on to enduro machine but I prefer a very light clutch maybe even the clake unit with clutch and rear brake on two fingers...


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        I ride my 530 on the road with no clutch lever. Downshifts are a breeze. Snap the throttle, revs match, kick it down


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          On my Freeride I have the clutch version of the Clake One Light Clutch. It is awesome. Feels just like my trials bike. Perfect for doing trialsy type stuff with the freeride. A bit pricey.

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            I have a rekluse on my 450 EXC and have ordered one for my 690 Enduro R. The auxillary brake (clake make a far better unit than rekluse) fixes the hillstop issues. This system has gotten me through alot of situations that I would have really struggled on. It lets me focus on the manoevering side of things without having to worry about stalling out midway. Everyone has a different experience with auto clutch systems, mine have all been positive.


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              Razor,to answer your original question, I find that the rekluse really helps to tractor up hills and through the tough and bumpy stuff without constantly being concerned if you can get to the clutch in time. i have a core/exp in my 2 stroke gasgas300, and the zstart pro in my 07 525 exc. In the 300, i definately notice the difference in how the power is delivered compared to stock, as it really smooths out the snap and hit of the 2 stroke motor. Some times i miss that explosive hit coming out of corners etc, but there is still plenty, to wheelie over logs etc at will. And all my 2 smoke bush riding buddies say,I'm way faster overall with the rekluse. On my 525 4 stroke, as soon as i'm moving, you would never know there is a rekluse in the bike,until you slow down to take say a sharp uphill corner, where 3rd is to high and 2nd is to low,so you stay in 3rd and try to grunt your way around the corner,and end up flaming out half way through the corner! Just does not happen any more with the rekluse! Even the older z start pro is friggin wonderfull. I did put a left hand rear brake on both bikes, because, i figured out real fast,that sailing backwards down a hill if you do by chance stall, and going into free-wheel mode picking up speed as you go, is not near as much fun as it sounds. the LHRB is also real handy on long loose downhills,and for spinning around to go back down a hill,that you may have missed on.
              you know-once your over the hill,you tend to pick up speed!