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bent front rim - where to fix?

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  • bent front rim - where to fix?

    A friend has a CRF250L with a good ding in the front wheel.
    Are there wheel repair shops in BC you can recommend?
    2017 Husqvarna 701 Enduro

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    Just replace the rim and relace


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      I have warmed and hammered a couple of pretty good dings out of my wheels over the years. 3 lb sledge a block of 2x4, a torch or heat of some kind and a vise helps a lot.
      At this point he has nothing to lose, and it will be way cheaper than the other suggestion. most of the DSBC dealers would probably give good advise on fix/repair or replace rim as well.
      you know-once your over the hill,you tend to pick up speed!


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        I replaced both of my rims myself last year and reused the old spokes and nipple
        Even if everyone told me to replace everything

        They are still going well and cost me 100$ USD for the rim at RockyMountainAtv
        Don't be cheap like me and buy the Warp 9
        The tusk are OK, but not as perfectly round as the Warp 9

        Old spokes and new rims are a better options the old rims still on the bike, from my point of wiew