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Shinko 505 Cheater from Fortnine

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  • Shinko 505 Cheater from Fortnine

    Its time for another tire thread

    After the May long weekend I decided that I needed a new rear tire and new wheel bearings. So on the Tuesday I went to the local dealer only to find they were closed. I am planning a weekend of riding and did not want to take the chance of the dealer have no stock of what I needed so to hedge my bets I went and ordered online.

    This is no way a diss on the local dealers, its just something they are going to have to find a way to deal with. Not to mention I own a twice removed (Cagiva and BMW) Husky TE310 so I don't expect the dealer to stock everything.

    My favorite rear tire of choice is the Mitas C20 from MX1 online for $135.00 but the website sez they were out of stock.

    So I decided to order from Fortnine Because I am now in Kamloops I really want the ability to have products shipped to my home.

    The Shinko 505 Cheater 120/100-18 vs Mitas vs USA all in Canadian Dollars
    Tire Dealer Cost Cdn $ Tire Levy GST PST Shipping Total Shipping
    Mitas C20 MX1
    135.00 5.00 6.75 9.45 Free 156.20 7 days
    Shinko 505 Cheater Fortnine
    106.99 5.00 5.35 N/A Free 117.34 6 days
    Shinko 505 Cheater Rocky Mountain ATV USA 92.50 NA 11.08 NA 25.87 129.45 11+ days
    I thought it would be a nice comparison, I do realise that the Mitas and Shinko (non DOT) are not the exact same tires just using as a rough guide

    So I ordered the Shinko 505 Cheater along with some bearings from Fortnine and 6 days later the stuff was here in my doorstep, pretty stoked cant wait to install the tire as I know only what I have read online. the truth be known there were only two tires that I would not buy again, the Bridgestone Battlewing and Kenda Trackmaster.

    If you have any advice or opinions on this tire I would be happy to read about it

    Shinko 505 Cheater

    Click image for larger version

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    Mitas C20
    Click image for larger version

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    Tom Timmerman
    Past President DSBC

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    I put on a 505 cheater right before my Duffy Lake trip last July and IMO its one of the best all around/durable tires I ever used and ya bought from FortNine.Its been on since then and I just bought a 525 Cheater to mount up for this July's trip.and only cus I want to try the 525 cus its a bit more motocross but.

    I've been running the 505 Cheater from 12ish to 6ish PSI with a UHD tube.

    Ya I order the 525 last Thursday night and ETA to Squamish is Friday and 10$ off if you buy 2 tires


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      Thanks filterx I forgot to mention the extra 10 buck off if you buy two. I have the tire in my hand as we speak and it looks pretty sweet. I have noticed that it has a very stiff sidewall, something I like with the weight of my bike (with me on it puts it right up there). I hate pinch flats. I generally run 15-20 lbs. I will see how it acts there before I try lower pressures )on your recommendation.
      Tom Timmerman
      Past President DSBC


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        I've also ordered from Fortnine and find their delivery speed and customer service to be top notch...I recommend them to everyone!


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          Ya I been tracking my order with Canada Post and it said 6/4/2018 but showed delivered to my PO Box today so I'll pick up tomorrow. Exactly 7 days normal post from Quebec to BC


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            Putting the 525 on in about a month


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              Originally posted by filterx View Post
              Putting the 525 on in about a month
              Is that a 525 cheater or a regular 525?


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                505 cheater (which I've had on since last July and flipped in Nov and I'm guessing 30ish hours on it) beside the 525 Cheater (both 18-110/100).

                IMO the compounds feel exactly the same (gummy bear/trialish) but the 525 has a more conventional MX tread pattern .

                Really looking forward finding out how the 525 Cheater is going to work at different PSI's and if its a durable as the 505 Cheater cus I've heard the 525 Cheater chunks quickly BUT the only way I'm going to know is try it out for where/how I ride ya it was a bit of struggle going with the 525 Cheater cus IMO the 505 Cheater is an incredible tire for the $$$$.

                Too many tire options and not enough time/$$$$ to try them all


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                  I agree with Tomcycle about the Kenda Trackmaster. I had that on my Klr and experienced the wobbles! Once the knobs were more worn out it was better. I think the knobs are too soft. Shinkos are great tires for the price.


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                    I bought a 90/100-21 Shinko 216MX front and 110/100-18 Shinko 505 Cheater from Rivercity Cycle in Kamloops for the same price as the listed price on Fortnine. Rivercity Cycle provides 15% off on all tires. I asked for 20% to match Fortnine and was given that.

                    They will go on in a couple weeks with mousses.


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                      Ya I check fortnine prices first then usually ask my local shops if they can at least come close which they usually do and I'll even pay a bit more to support the locals cus at the end of the day, they will be there to support you if needed.

                      Always OEM from the local shops and they know I support them and will recommend other people to them

                      No Limits

                      Maybe we can rip In July and you can try the 525 Cheater on my bike


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                        As always, we all would like to buy from our local shops. My biggest problem is i usually break my stuff on the weekend and like to order asap. Online offers that option to order stuff on Monday or even Sunday and have it by the next week. I can plan ahead about a week so that works for me. Unlike Dan I find nothing worse than having to ask for a discount, it seems to be that if the dealer is willing to discount 20% they are also willing to overcharge me by 20% (that does not sit well with me) I like loyalty programs for regular customers but rarely see it here in Canada.

                        Mounting the 505 tonight

                        Anyhow I bought more from Fortnine, a new set of boots Fox Comp 8 as this is a discontinued item there is some pretty good pricing. I order this last week June 7 2018 and they arrived here in Kamloops June 13. These boots are typically marked down to around 179-209 USD on US sites. Fortnine was 249 CDN. all sizes and colours available.

                        Made in China (which always make me suspect)
                        Just sitting around the house with the boots on and they are pretty comfortable. Will be riding this weekend and that will tell the real story.
                        I broke a few bones in my left foot a few years back (yes riding) and getting boots on and off my left foot has been an issue, seems the joints are not a flexible as they once were. However these boots fit on reasonably easy and are not putting excess pressure on my left foot.
                        So far So Good
                        Click image for larger version

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                        Tom Timmerman
                        Past President DSBC


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                          I think most small retailers respond pretty well to a request to price the item you are ready to buy closer to the on-line price, if simply asked if they can get close. I don't expect a match and thank them for responding. They have margins and there should be some room to move in order to make a sale that is hanging on the response. Asking for better pricing works more than 75% of the time and keeps me coming back to them. Win - win, I believe.


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                            Originally posted by Bora20 View Post
                            I bought a 90/100-21 Shinko 216MX front and 110/100-18 Shinko 505 Cheater from Rivercity Cycle in Kamloops for the same price as the listed price on Fortnine. Rivercity Cycle provides 15% off on all tires. I asked for 20% to match Fortnine and was given that.

                            They will go on in a couple weeks with mousses.
                            What's the word Dan, you still happy with your tires?
                            I got a 505 Cheater and the 216MX sitting in my cart at Fortnine to get the $10 bucks off.
                            It's all up to you if I soon become a tire donor to Bob also

                            Or I guess I spend the money on my suspension i'm over the 40 hours.
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