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  • Cbr125ds

    I have a 2007 cbr125 in great shape, except for the front fairings which are being held in place with bungees and duct tape.

    Tomcycle, I saw your conversion and I'm going to give it a go. Would you happen to have the part info for the trail tech headlights, the handlebar mounts and handlebars, and the details for any other parts you still happen to know?

    Where did you end up buying your custom rear sprocket? How many teeth did you settle with, and what's been your experience with the change?

    Was also thinking a skid guard might not be a bad idea?

    Has anyone else tried this out?


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    Dont forget pictures

    I ended up with a Trail Tech X2 headlight left over from I bike I sold. I made a simple mount with some stuff I had laying around. If you have to buy one they retail for 189 from MX1Canada. This is more than enough headlight for the 125

    The handlebar mounts and Handlebar. the handlebars where also something I acquired over the years from someone. They are a standard Fatty bar.
    The bar mounts are actually fatty bar handguard mounts by Moose got these cheap from International Motorsports. I had to drill the top tripple tree to accept the bolt from the mount, easy job to do

    There was some concern on the strength but once you see how light everything is on this size of bike you will not worry as these are way stronger than anything else. If you want to do a standard 7/8 bar mount look at this part number
    Moose Standard 7/8" Handlebars Mount 06351092 Lists for about 60 cdn
    Standard aluminum handlebars are cheap and easy to get anywhere, ask around you can probably find someone that want to get rid of them
    Now you can add standard dirt bike hand guards

    ================================================== ======================

    ================================================== ========================

    I left the standard front sprocket on and ordered a custom rear sprocket from
    I went with a 50 tooth but if I had to order again It would be 52 or 55, remember I am 250 lbs dont forget a chain
    Here is what I ordered
    1 Blank Aluminum Rear | Blank Aluminum Rear Sprockets, $34.30 USD
    Sprock Chain Size 420 max 65T -
    Aluminum Rear Spkt. Teeth: Aluminum 50
    Comment please cut 54mm hole in centre

    You will have to drill the 4 mounting holes

    ================================================== ===========================

    I was worried about a skid plate, would have to be custom.
    I don't know what kind of riding you plan but I would think nothing too crazy.
    I rode this bike on decommissioned FSRs, some of the hardest single track at Tamihi, with all my gear and a chainsaw on my back, I would think I top out at over 275 lbs, never bottomed the bike out so never gave a skid plate a second thought. The worst you're going to do is dent the steel exhaust and I am sure there are lots of them out there for way cheaper than a custom skid plate. The bike is so short, so light and not enough power to jump stuff, there would be little worry about bottoming out

    ================================================== =========================

    More pictures here
    Tom Timmerman
    Past President DSBC