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  • 2019 crf450L

    Just seen this new Dualsport on Enduro 21. I think it looks very promising, and its even a 6 speed. Always liked Honda Quality and reliability, Finally the Japanese are taking everyones wishes seriously. Whats everyones opinion on this.

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    Good looking bike, and it's promising to see the Japs still have interest in the off-road market. However, let's not kid ourselves about this being a dual-sport bike. Just because Honda tacked an 'L' on the end of the model name doesn't mean it's in any way related to the 250L or, as many hoped for, a modern day DRZ. I'd wager the 450L would need a complete engine rebuild at the same service interval calling for a routine valve check on the DRZ. This is a full on plated enduro, no different from the KTM & Beta EXC & RR-S line ups.

    Gotta love the 2 gal titanium tank....LOL.


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      Ya the new Honda lineup has been getting a LOT of comments on Thumper Talk and IMO FINALLY one of the Japaneses company's are figuring out where the OFF ROAD market is going in NA and putting on their bigger boy pants to try and catch up with KTM, Husky, Beta and the 450L is a start getting a true street legal dirt bike.

      2 US gal tank is small BUT there will be LOTS of Honda aftermarket stuff coming out for these bikes.

      Then at least in BC its the higher insurance rates for 401CC plus bikes BUT I'm sure Honda is not concerned with that cus all the bikes are for the US market.

      I really like to hear about a Honda Demo day and taking a 450L out for a GOOD dual sport rip


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        What is the price for this bike ? Anybody knows ?


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          Looks like some discounting is happening! I just got a demo for cheap!