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Just bought an '83 XL600R! Touring setup help?

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  • Just bought an '83 XL600R! Touring setup help?

    Hi all, I'm pretty stoked with my new bike although I haven't even picked her up yet (didn't have my riding gear with me). My main question is, will parts/accessories listed e.g. online as fitting '1993-2003 Honda XR 650' fit my bike? So far as I know they basically remain/ed unchanged, for a good while at least. The Clymer manual goes right through to '03. I want to get a solid rack, panniers, windshield, lighting..set it up for adventure touring in other words.

    Any advice appreciated, including 'must-do' mods, and if you have anything to sell me, send me a message. Thanks!

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    Very cool old school Dual Sport. She is a bit heavy in today's standards, but I am sure you are a young guy that can pick the bike up then kick start it. (when you hit 50 you going to want an electric start.)

    Be careful on how much weight you put on the rear subframe, its not nearly as robust as many think.

    I am assuming this bike is already plated and street legal?

    Looks something like this
    Tom Timmerman
    Past President DSBC