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Husa mechanic

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  • Husa mechanic

    I'm looking for someone that specifically wrenches Husabergs in the Lower Mainland. Got an 08 FE 450 with coolant issues. International replaced the water pump seals and bearing but still leaks from weep hole. Mechanic thinks it's the shaft being badly scored. I tried to order the part, but they no longer will source out Husa parts. They were really good about it and only charged me for a tune-up as they could not rectify the problem.
    I've read several threads in about this issue so I'm wondering if there's someone out there that knows these bikes and this issue - and could handle this problem. I'm not that adept mechanically to even try :P)

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    Maybe you can get a part number from here and source the parts yourself


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      Thanks Shuswap


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