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    Hey Tom did you ever get your 310 running again? I talked to you briefly at the loose screw and it sounded like it was still sitting. About a day after that I started to have starter problems on mine. Ran fine on Friday when we did the C+, then Saturday morning it barely started when we headed out on the A and the estart hasn't worked well ever since. 15 minutes in I stalled wrestling it over a log and it only kinda half turned over but didn't fire. Kickstart worked fine, sounded like a weak battery. I spent the rest of the day kicking it over (which fortunately is very easy even when really hot -- must have kicked it over 50 times that day). A couple of times I forgot and hit the start button, same thing every time, weak half-hearted attempt to turn the engine but not enough to fire it. I thought that was odd, as it should have been charging while riding, but whatever. Checked it when I got home and it looked like just a battery gone bad that wasn't holding a charge. New battery yesterday, same symptoms. Bike will kick or bump start with no effort, whether stone cold or smoking hot. But the estart just doesn't turn the engine over very fast, even when being jumped from a wall-powered charger/booster pack.

    I did some checking on the forums, and in addition to the woodruff key, it seems like the starter gear tends to wear badly and start to bind which puts too much load on the starter motor. I think they were referring to the bevel gear on the end of the worm gear shaft but don't really have time to pull it apart myself and start looking. As long as it runs easily on the kickstart, I will just have to give up on the estart for a while.

    Anyhow, and advice (other than "trade it for orange") would be welcome!


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      Been riding the TXC and no time to open the cover. will probably get on this second week of sept.

      Sounds more like a bad electrical connection, would check those and the starter-motor before opening up the engine, use a cable direct from battery to starter motor and see if it turns over easy, if not pull the starter and check to make sure the brushes and wiring is all good and the gear has not warn unusually.

      Tom Timmerman
      Past President DSBC


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        Thanks Tom. Good tip on bypassing all wiring and relays and going directly to the starter, will try that tonight.

        Do you know how easy/hard it is to get the starter motor off on these bikes? I have the shop manual, but to date I've found that almost everything it harder to get at than it looks like in the pictures...


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          here we are into October, just did not have time to check out why the engine stopped running, I thought it was time and checked the woodruff key, all that was ok

          So it was time to dig in a little further, did a valve check and found one of the clearances was about 1/4 Inch.......mmmmmmm thats not a good sign of things to come.

          Removed the cam caps and shaft and found the shim bucket stuck in the head? I am sure this must be an engineering foopah on Huskys part, surely can't have anything to do with keeping my rev limiter maintenance?

          Anyhow its of to Bill at 5th Gear, I break it he fixes it...............repeat

          Here you can see the exhaust shim bucket that will not come out, valve moves but sticks in the open position

          here you can see the valve stuck in the open position

          does not appear to be any damage to the cam or piston
          Tom Timmerman
          Past President DSBC


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            When things just work as they were intended!

            Feb 2016

            Its been a while, October 2014 to be exact. While the bike found its way to 5th Gear, Bill found that pretty much everything in the engine was warn beyond simple repair. In fact Bill said of all the engine rebuilds he has done, this engine virtually had no salvageable parts, everything was warn out. So a complete rebuild was in order. Now the crappy part, Husky gets sold to KTM and the parts availability is zero. Lucky for me I have the other TXC Husky so I am getting lots of riding in.

            Now I get really lucky, International Motosports gives me a call while I am riding at Tamihi, (I generally dont even have my phone with me when riding) Anyhow they have a couple of new 2013 TE 310s and they wanted to know if I was interested, the price was too good to pass up so I bought another 310.

            So for the past months I have been riding my new 310 while 5th Gear is waiting for parts.

            In the meantime KTM sorts out the parts flow and gets the ol 310 assembled and back in my hands. I take the bike out for a couple of rides but the new 310 sure is nice. No time to diddle with the old 310 so it goes into the garage to wait for me to have some time.

            The old 310 has a list of to do's, general maintenance stuff and some new tires will be needed but I do have one big problem,

            I keep getting a big FAIL on the digital dash
            Tom Timmerman
            Past President DSBC


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              I had the problem with the FAIL message on my TE. I solved it with a large rock at Mcnutt. Once the instrument panel was torn completely off the bike, it didn't say fail any more... I still can't quite figure out how I did that much damage to the dash without actually breaking the headlight or anything else around it.

              Anyhow, my Trailtech speedo has no such messages, so I'm good.


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                FAIL what next?

                So I keep getting a FAIL on the dash and wonder what I can do about it? Seems that you must have the propitiatory mikuni iBeat software and connectors to diagnose and clear any problems.

                I make a few call and no one seems to have this set up at their shop, perhaps I did not phone the right shops but I felt that I had to find another route.

                I work my way over to the Cafe Husky site and start my search. To date the Cafe Husky site has never let me down, and this time was no exception. They had a great thread on the Husky/Mikuni injection and iBeat software. So I download a copy of the software and order the bits and pieces to make my own data cord to connect to the TE310

                Below is the USB to OBD2 connection to an old XP machine. I have ordered the proper plugs but could not wait as the anticipation if this would work was too much

                Simple plug only three wires required

                Husky side of the connection that is behind the headlight

                Nice long wire so my computer does not get in the way

                First time connection and its up and running, you can see the yellow FAIL indicator

                And I can see the history of the problems

                Seeing I plan to keep both bikes for the foreseeable future I thought this software would be helpful.

                An yes I suspect this will work with the other pre ktm husqvarnas with fuel injection
                Tom Timmerman
                Past President DSBC


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                  Wow.....well done!


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                    Tomorrow we will test with the bike running
                    Tom Timmerman
                    Past President DSBC


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                      Nice post!
                      So now I know what the plan for the weekend... Husky, MH, Ram and Beta. Busy WE.

                      the old part were warn or worn
                      Those big finger again

                      We need to equip you with a better computer too!


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                        Again its been a long time since I posted in this thread, and since then this bike has been sold twice. This bike got a rebuilt engine and then was sold. It it did have a strange problem that I forgot about and it was traced down to a shorting wire in the wiring harness under the fuel tank. the bike would stall in the most inappropriate times. I do not know who the new owner is but the bike will be good value and lots of fun.

                        While waiting to get the engine rebuilt I went out and bought a second 2013 TE310. and I will continue this thread on the new bike
                        Tom Timmerman
                        Past President DSBC


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                          Here it is, my 2013 TE310 that I bought new from International MotoSports a few years ago, back on the bench in pieces. The bike itself has been really good,and the Keihin EFI really makes the bike run the way I think it should, no requirement for reprogramming or buy aftermarket stuff to make it run nice and smooth unlike the previous versions with the Mikuni EFI

                          I did and continue to have starter problems but now something has to be done.

                          Also am having a hesitation with the engine, of course this happens in the most inappropriate times

                          Here it is on the bench waiting for parts

                          DSCN4493 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

                          I have to say a few things about buying parts online. After calling two dealers and having vague and potentially misleading answers while trying to buy parts (so often we are told to support our local dealers) I did my usual and headed to the computer. In short order I found the information I was looking for (Cafe Husky) with the proper replacement part numbers. I phoned one of the dealers back and was quoted a price of almost 800 bucks and no estimate of when the parts might be in. This is for two gears, referred as the "starter gear kit" Started thinking I should remove the starter motor and make it a kick start only bike. Long story short I found the parts at for 130.00 USD with free shipping to USA (they will not sell Husky Part outside of the USA) I have ordered the parts as I write this and should have them for the weekend and as usual I order more stuff too. because I could.

                          This is a picture of the starter gears that are the culprit of the hard starting. All the guys on the Cafe Husky site that changed these gears out have reported no more problems with hard starting, so we will see if this solves the problem. You can see the problem with the big ring gear as it is showing a lot of wear and damage. the worm gear looks like new, but the gears come as a kit so I will be changing both of them out.

                          So far it is a pretty easy job but you do need a special stator removal tool, also available on line for about 30.00 cdn.

                          DSCN4495 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

                          DSCN4499 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

                          DSCN4497 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

                          While removing the stator I noticed a familiar problem that I have run into in the past. The stator connection showing serious signs of overheating and damage. I am going to replace this connector and I am going to cross my fingers that this might be the problem with the hesitation that I experience when the bike is hot. I am sure that I am not wasting my time by just doing this repair

                          DSCN4505 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

                          The bike side of the connector, hard to tell but two of the terminals are black and burned

                          DSCN4502 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

                          Tom Timmerman
                          Past President DSBC


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                            Got the ol 310 back together again and it starts like a dream with the new gears.

                            I re wired the stator to the regulator with new wire and heavy jacket (YELO), also installed new plugs. You will notice a aluminum heat shield on the wire by the exhaust, I found the wires seriously damage by heat and possible shorting out on the pipe as the wire jackets had melted from the heat. this should solve that problem.

                            DSCN4531 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

                            You will notice the parts are from KTM. I am going to do a short plug for This is an American company that sells lots of stuff including OEM Husqvarna. When I was quoted by two different Husky dealers here in Canada for these parts the price was going to be over 850.00. I have bought from Motosport in the past and remembered they sold Husky parts but would not ship them to Canada, obviously some kind of an agreement not to sell to Canadians. Cost for these parts was 189.50 CDN including shipping. Seems to me someone is making a lot of money along the line. Hard to support your local dealer when the internet is so easy to order from?

                            DSCN4532 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr
                            Tom Timmerman
                            Past President DSBC