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Oil Change Interval

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  • Oil Change Interval

    Not starting an Oil thread here and don't need to know what brand oil you are using, but just wondering what everyone else is doing for Oil Change Intervals on their bikes.

    My manual for my 2005 450EXC says at 15 hour intervals to change the oil, filters and clean the screens.

    I've been following this interval since I got the bike about a year ago, but am wondering if it's necessary at the slow pace I ride the bike putting around at Tamihi?

    I was thinking maybe change just the oil at 15 hours and filters and screens every second change or wait till 20-25 hours and then change and clean everything?

    What are you guys doing?

    Thanks, t-h

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    15 hour oil changes are way cheaper than an engine rebuild.


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      Change oil, clean oil filter (got a stainless filter)

      ho, Rotella T6
      In case your curious :-)


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        I follow the 15 hour rule +/- a few hrs. Fresh filter with the oil every time (cheap insurance).
        I probably only look at / clean the screens every 3rd change...


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          I had a great discussion with a KTM Tech on this. ourhe discussion was based around Rotella syn vs motorex, but the summary was Rotella is best @ 10 -15 hours, motorex if you're going longer. I shoot for 15 hours, not real sure what my actual is.


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            I change my oil around 15 hours give or take a couple. Filter gets changed every second oil change. Bike has 600+ hrs so seems to be working for me. BTW - I only use T6.
            If everything seems under control then you just aren't going fast enough - Mario Andretti


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              Sounds like 15 hour oil & filter changes it is.
              Time to buy in bulk.
              Might have to look into this Rotella stuff people are talking about.