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DRZ-400S JD jet kit (with 3x3)

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  • DRZ-400S JD jet kit (with 3x3)

    I have a totally stock bike and intend to keep the stock exhaust (at this time). I plan on doing the 3x3 mod and installing the JD Jetting bits and pieces in the stock carb.

    Before I start I was wondering if any of you folks have any feedback to share regarding JD's recommended starting points (or anything else pertaining to this popular modification? I'm on the Island so the altitudes are low.


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    JD kit comes with great instructions.
    I followed them, except went with Thumpertalk recommended setting for our conditions. Changed clip position to 4, kit says 3.
    Been very happy with results. Stock pipe also.


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      gb, thanks!


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        Despite having moved at a glacial pace, I finished the 3x3 mod today (actually only took a couple of days to do, just a while to get started). The sun came out long enough to go for a quick ride.

        WOW. I had read the mod & JD jetting made the DRZ come alive, but always took that with a grain of salt. I stand corrected. The hesitation on mid-range (quick) roll-on is gone. The ride seems more refined throughout the range. I didn't get WFO yet but I'm sure it's going to be fine too.

        And I Iike the non-asthmatic intake sound too. Sounds way more "thumper".

        Did the clip in 4th position and stayed with the stock pilot jet with the extended fuel screw.


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          The stock PJ works fine, I tried a 25, wasn't necessary. The only parts I used from the DJ kit, not to be confused with the JD kit, was the needle and spring. The needles seem to make all the difference, IMHO. If your carb is more than a few years old and you haven't already done it, then you should plan on replacing the little o-ring under the float valve seat, they are a well known problem and can/will cause case flooding and hydro-locking at some inconvenient time in the future.


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            Good to know about the O ring. At this point the bike is less that a year old (or at least from when I bought it new last April). I will keep this in mind for next spring. Thanks!

            I am amazed at how much different the bike feels now for such simple changes. Whole new personality.