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Small bike battery update from YTX5 to YTX7S

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  • Small bike battery update from YTX5 to YTX7S

    Since the Beta 2012 decided to let me kick it all day on my last ride, I decided it was time to get a new battery.
    I first tested the battery at home to see if it was the problems.
    1- Put the Voltmeter on the battery
    - Reading at 12.79 V
    2- Keep the Voltmeter connected to the battery and try to start the bike
    - Reading go down to 7 V
    - Bike won't start and starter stop turning
    3- Send an email to Edmund's Battery in Surrey
    - Received a reply on Monday morning, they have the YTX5 in stock
    4- Received another email from the store manager
    - Suggesting to update to the BETTER version to replace the YTX5 with YTX7S
    - Double the Cranking Power
    - Higher Amps per Hours
    5- Picked up the Battery already ready to go
    6- Put the battery in the Beta, fit perfectly, same size as the old one
    7- Touched the Happy button
    8- Enjoyed to have the bike fire up right away.

    Will see after a few cold start, but for now on, I'm really happy.

    Bonus point
    My DSBC membership is almost paid only with that purchase, Members get a pretty good discount at Edmund's :-)

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    Great info Syl - thanks for sharing.


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      Check the charging voltage at various RPM?