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2012 350rr beta valve job, any advice?

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  • 2012 350rr beta valve job, any advice?

    HELP - beta needs new valves!


    I've got a 2012 350 RR - in need of a new set of valves I fear. already been through a few shim jobs and the last one only lasted about 10 hrs before she wouldn't run again.

    I've spoken with Mongoose here in the lower mainland and they didn't seem to have any specific information about the beta motor (have worked on the ktm motor betas) but I was hoping someone could shed some light. they recommended stainless valves and bronze seats but couldn't tell me what parts were needed from beta.

    what I really want to do is substitute the stainless valves for the stock titanium ones. in hopes of getting a bit more longevity out of them, however its been a real pita trying to figure out what parts to order. Mountain motorcycle, the beta dealer here, didn't have any insight either. I even tried emailing American beta and the Italians without any response.

    the usual is to upgrade the springs to accommodate the heavier valves, but curiously, beta only seems to have one part number for the springs even on the stainless valved models.

    anyone with experience here? anyone have any tips on a valve job on the 350's at all?

    any info will help at this point, I am pulling the motor in the next few weeks and it would be great if someone could help me figure out what parts to order etc.

    even if you've simple done a stock replacement with the titanium valves , I'd been keen on knowing how the process went, who did the machining etc.

    thanks for your help everyone.


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    What about replacing the full head assembly, someone told me it was around 6-700$
    How many hours on the bike?

    Locally you might have some luck with Bill at 5th Gears.
    You might have some luck with Dave at not a Beta dealer anymore, but has been and still service them.
    Also Dave Hopkins, I think he's in Seatle area


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      Franks motorcycle think they are in Everet.


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        No Limits deals Betas now. Try them.