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Yamaha DT200R Plastic- Good News!

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  • Yamaha DT200R Plastic- Good News!

    After deciding to NOT keep my DT200R as a museum piece and actually use it, I wrecked the "Air Scoop" piece. That got me looking for aftermarket plastic. Wow, what a search! But, I actually found some! It is on order and being delivered. It is from Europe, France, I believe. Is not even priced too bad. The website is
    He has side panels, front & rear fenders and air scoops. The only thing he does not have is the color I wanted, sky blue. (Pretty fussy, I know!) Also, I actually saw an aftermarket fuel tank from "Gilles" in Brazil. It is for the DT200L model from the 1990's, which is different from Canadian models. Looks very close though. Bad part, it is only 12 litres! Was only $140.00 USD, plus shipping. A good resource for finding information on DT200R's is on the Aussie "IT Forum". The address is
    The PEOPLE on this site are so helpful, I thought I could try and help someone who so freely gave to me! Cheers!
    Now, suspension is the next thing I want to upgrade on the DT. Wish me luck.
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    The plastic comes from Portugal, actually. Available in dark blue, black or white.


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      All Right! Got my new plastic "Air Scoops" today. Look just like my originals, only not as brittle! Only bad thing is they're not "Sky Blue". Oh well.