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Inexpensive Braided Steel Brake Line for my DT200R!

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  • Inexpensive Braided Steel Brake Line for my DT200R!

    While looking around for a local Company to make me a custom front brake line for my ancient 1990 DT200R, I went onto, then found that I could order the length I needed, in 10mm increments, with 3 choices of angles for the 2 end banjo bolts. It cost me $26.00CDN delivered! I had to buy another item to increase my order to the minimum, though.
    I thought it would be a cheap experiment if it never worked out. But, I am very impressed with the products quality, as well as fit. Definitely worth looking into.

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    Excellent! Good find for keeping the old horse running!


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      Thanks for the reply! Yes, this is a good find for both my old(er) bike, or ANY bike!


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        Good find, nice replacement for those old rubber lines
        Tom Timmerman
        Past President DSBC


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          That's a great find! I have a '96 DT200R, probably with a near original brake line. I love it and intend to keep it going for as long as possible. Did you buy a line for the rear brake too?
          Sporting my favourite two stroke dual sport - a Yamaha DT200.


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            No only bought line for the front.
            Also, tried to respond to the PM. Wouldn't seem to work? I am also on the "IT Forum." I ordered the front line with a zero degree fitting at the caliper and a 12 degree fitting at the Master Cylinder. I used a piece of string to trace the length. I believe it was around 1400 m.m..