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    Here's an interesting article about groups who hate dirt bikes written by Rick Sieman - otherwise known as Super Hunky. It's written from an American's perspective but it applies to Canadians as well.


    A motorcycle will go anywhere the rider has the ability to take it.

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    I particularly like this blurb:
    "...especially when a large number of these dirt machines were piloted by people who had no concept of courtesy on the trail, or how to act at the controls of a powerful machine."

    Sadly, this forum software doesnt seem to allow for a comment of any reasonable length...
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      Post truncated again.... sigh...


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        I think I first read Rick Siemen's stuff 50 years ago, as a kid. He must be a thousand years old...but he wrote well then, still does. I really enjoyed his comments on the emergence of the ATV, well put.
        Thanks for the pointer, John.


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          Good Ole Super Hunky. I remember him getting arrested in California desert with a plastic turtle on his front fender. The Sierra Club had the entire area closed to ORV access due to danger to the desert tortoise or something like that. This would have been around 1990 I think. Would love to see a picture of he and Timmerman together