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    Barry Morris "Cross training and Enduro techniques" is coming to town

    Yes you hear correctly, the man behind the crazy and entertaining videos from Australia is coming to Canada with the help of Traction E Rag and Beta motorcycles. If all goes well he will be in BC in August and to help cover flight costs (Barry is not doing this for profit but to benefit the...
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    Fall Nubie Ride?

    Maybe I have missed something along the line but are we having a fall Nubie ride? I would be more than happy to mark out a rather difficult and long A loop this time!
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    Graham Jarvis training clinic VI

    To who that are interested a few of us members attended a Graham Jarvis training clinic on Vancouver Island last weekend. The first 2 hours 10~12 midday) was technique training, logs, some very big!, stoppies, pivot turns, wheel placement, turning on hill-sides, stump jumping, and vertical...
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    Baja Tire Mounting Tool

    Tom here is the link to the Baja no pinch tire tool, it takes me less then 4 minutes to mount a new tire, well worth the $100 delivered. Dont buy the complete kit with spacers as they are not needed
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    3rd Annual Bar Bender Nicola Valley Dirt Riders

    Well some of the Vancouver/ Fraser Valley DSBC boys still full of piss and vinegar from the last weeks Piston Run went up to the Bar Bender and raced on Sunday. Great course and lots of fun had by us all. Mitch, Shane, Brad~ Brent and Reece raced from our group..."the weekend warriors" 148...
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    Looking for TTR 125 (big wheel) for wife that will likely never use it

    Im after a TTR-125, CRF150, DRZ125 or KLX125 for my wife to ride this summer. Needs to be around $1500 as anything over that I may as well buy new. Any leads would be appreciated.
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    KTM 500 exc

    Ok so I sold my 09 Yamaha WR450 as it wasnt street legal and am looking at the options that are few and far between. I guess this has been asked a million times and we do know all bikes have problems (although as long as any WR doesnt get hot they last for a very long time) but I am left with...