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    "The Hill "

    Yes, I experienced that (with the same sphincter tightening) last week. By the time I got to the bottom my rear brake had faded to near complete nothingness, and there seemed to me to be more sandy bits so used front with extreme caution. Sat on first gear the whole way down. I had a very...
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    Harrison/Lillooet Lake Route

    I can confirm the above post re: closed due to washout at 50 km. I set out to do this ride from S to N last week. A large group of riders fuelling at the gas station just west of the Sasquatch Inn who had just come off the Harrison informed me of the road closure. They appeared to be...
  3. D… any comments?

    Thanks all… Fortunately, being the cheap bastard that I am, when I see something that looks too good to be true, the red flags start waving. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.
  4. D… any comments?

    Thanks DD, did a google search and I presume saw what you saw. I’ll do a bit more digging before pulling the trigger.
  5. D… any comments?

    Any members here dealt with this outfit? Ad came across my FB feed with some hard to believe prices, like 65$ CAN for Forma Adventure Low, which are normally over 200… Looking for feedback before I bite. Thanks for any and all responses.
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    Thanks for your interest. Bike is in Whistler.
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    Hey all, just trolling this to get an idea of which direction to go with it. I have an ‘86 TLR200. Right now it is completely disassembled. Frame and other parts are cleaned down to bare metal. Fenders, side panels good, headlight shroud minor damage but serviceable. Bike ran fine at time of...
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    seasons' last ride . . . pemberton / hurley / seton highline ?

    i'd like to try to get this loop in before the season ends . leave whistler to pemberton , go over the hurley to goldbridge , then down carpenter and go up and over the seton portage , return to whistler . first , does anyone know if the hurley is clear of ( unpassable ) snow ? tomorrow ...
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    new crop of dual sport helmets ?

    hey crew , looking to get a new bucket , and i like the look of these new buckets with visor and shield . who is carrying them locally , specifically the AFX fx41 ? and has anyone seen the new bell mx-9 adventure ? thanks for any and all input . i need to wear glasses while riding , and i'm...
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    new tires for the DR , and where to get them . . .

    so i ordered some k270's and a few other things from canadasmotorcycle more than two weeks ago . i made a call yesterday to check on them and they hadn't even shipped out of their warehouse yet , due to one item ( a tube ! ) out of stock . i don't know how , but they had a wrong contact number...
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    new boots for the DR ?

    i realize tires and opinions of them are like assh@les . . . everybody has their own . but with that said i gotta get some , and i'm leaning towards the kenda k270 front and rear . they got great reviews , look like they wear pretty well , will suit my needs and are good value ( read : cheap...
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    opinions . . . new guy / '98 DR650 / '98 DR350 ?

    hey guys , long time lurker , first time poster . . . after literally years of searching and saving , i've finally narrowed it down to a couple of bikes that i think will fit the bill , including budget . i have placed offers on a '98 DR350 and a '98 DR 650 . ( 350 bone stock except for big...