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    Single track in Ucluelet? - Dirty Gourmet

    Hey all. I recently moved to Ucluelet. The only thing miss on the mainland is the single track in Squamish and Chilliwack. I saw some video of the Dirty Gourmet ride. Does anyone know where the trail head is for the single track around Ucluelet? Or even better would be a GPS route...
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    Future of Beta Motorcycles in Canada?

    Remember the big announcement in 2014 with the new Distributor "Beta Canada Inc"? Well it's now half way through 2015 and I can't find much information or even a Canadian Website. Does anyone have any information on who will be selling the enduro and dual sport bikes and what the plan is with...
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    Lost Garmin Oregon GPS

    My buddy who was injured in the Fall Newbie Ride lost a Garmin Oregon GPS in all the commotion. If anyone found it please let me know. It was most likely lost when loading his bike and all the gear so may have fallen by the main lower road or the staging area. Thanks.
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    STOLEN: Motorcycle Rack - Still attached to my Jeep.

    UPDATE April 2nd: Truck was found - damages unknown at this time. My Jeep was stolen last night with the moto rack attached. OK I know it's April 1st. I really hope this is a joke someone is playing on me for April Fool's. Went out at 5:30am this morning and my jeep was gone. If you see it...
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    Where to ride around Cumberland? Week of Feb 3, 2014

    Hey folks, does anyone have suggestions on where to ride around Cumberland this time of year? I'm up for anything from single track to FSR. We'll be in the area a couple of days from Feb 3rd. We're on a DRZ400 and RXV550. Anyone have GPS coordinates to a trail head? Or even better would be...
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    Sat June 29 - Triangle Beach Richmond BC, For all bikes and levels.

    I'm itching to hit the dirt tomorrow morning, but don't want to go too far so just going to head down to Triangle Beach in Richmond to mess around. Some sand riding, a few loops around the track, some corners, clutch work, log hopping, wheelie practice, maybe even head around to the sand dunes...
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    Squamish - where to ride and fish?

    Does anyone know anywhere around Squamish to ride off road and stop to do some fishing from shore? Any lakes, rivers or creeks that are half decent in June/July? Thanks.
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    Bridal Falls Forest Service Road to Chipmunk FSR

    June 16, 2013 - Wow! June 16, 2013 - Wow! We made it through today without any issues other than my heart in my throat a little. The steep drop off is definitely something that must be taken seriously. In a couple spots there would be no recovery if you or your bike go over. There was a fresh...
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    Saturday June 15. Cat Lake - Morning/Afternoon

    I'm going to Cat lake on Saturday morning. Only been up there a couple of times on some more difficult trails. I'm planning on finding some more flowing/easier trails this time. There seems to be trails for all levels and the FSR up and over Brohm Ridge for those who want to see some great...
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    Triangle Beach (Richmond BC) Sat Feb 9 at 10:30

    Going to play around at Triangle Beach and Portside in Richmond on Saturday Feb 9th at 10:30am. For those of you that don't know, it's newbie and big bike friendly. This is a great area to play around and practise dual sport riding. It's got a few hard packed high speed loop trails, some sandy...
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    Harrison East FSR closure Aug 12 - 27, 2012

    It looks like Harrison East might be closed until Aug 27th. I hope the road opens on schedule. A few of us are planning to do the Boston Bar loop on Sept 1st. Expect Temporary, Extended Delays and closure at 22.5 km on the East...
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    North Indian Arm - Friday July 6 2:30/3:00PM

    Sorry for the last minute post. Me and a buddy are going to try to ride to the North end of Indian Arm today. We will be fueling up at the 1st Nations gas station by the Casino around 2:30pm. We'll be on an Aprilia RXV550 and KTM 450EXC txt me or just show up if you wanna tag along...
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    Thursday May 24 Afternoon ride - Squamish anyone?

    Pics Pics Just a couple of pics. Still snow up to Indian Arm.
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    Thursday May 24 Afternoon ride - Squamish anyone?

    Me and a buddy are going to ride from Vancouver to Squamish this afternoon to do some exploring. My buddy is a newbie, we have no idea where to go and no GPS. If anyone has ideas please post up. If you want to come and show us around that's even better. We'll be on an Aprilia RXV550 and a...
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    Clutch actuator arm extension

    Problem: I got a 2000 XR650L that already had all the mods done to it. Big bore kit, header, muffler, clutch etc. I never liked the way the clutch felt. It was very grabby and I couldn't slip it very easily to modulate the power when riding slow technical trails. My 2007 XR650L with stock...