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    Any one from the north island going to orca run

    hey guys just wondering who is planning on attending orca run I still have not mailed my stuff in yet and If no one else from the north island I am not sure if i will make it either as it can be a really busy weekend being mothers day and all.
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    A video of us rappelling

    here is a Video I shot the other day of me and my buddy dave rappelling into minigill cave .
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    North Island New Years Day ride.

    So a New Years day ride? Who's in ? Where to? The weather looks good a little on the cool side in the morning anyway. Are we going for the 8:30 option or the 10:30? either should be fine with me. I got into the snow pretty low the other day but im sure if we head for the west coast it should...
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    Christmas ride

    went for a ride xmas day to test my new go pro. it was pretty rainy but had some wet fun .
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    any north islanders up for a ride sunday

    Hey looking for a ride sunday on or off road is cool with me I am plated but dont care where we go . Maybe Esso for 11 if that works for anyone interested? The 650 is looking to stretch its legs. I have the big tank on so I might even be talked into an earlier start and a longer run maybe san jo...
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    Not about riding my year in cave's

    if anyone is interested. Well 2010 has been a busy year for caving so I thought I would post a photo year in review. My 2010 caving season kicked off late 2009 when Myself,My wife Nina , and my friend Luke went to horne lake caves to do the 5hour extreme adventure tour as Peter Curtis had...
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    Bike blew up

    well on my way home from work last night my bike blew up , well not really but my crankshaft broke taking some other good stuff with it the short list includes the left side cover the big gear the start turns a little clutch thingy the flywheel and the list seems to be growing , just got the...
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    North Island Ride Pictures..

    Well what a great 5 days of riding . Full of sights and adventures, Day one was a kinman,noomas loop with a little stop to see the twin axeman and I left my camera back at camp . But day two started better with a ride with, my wife and Lars and Michelle. Rode past atluck lake on a fun twisty...
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    A few photos of a ride up the kaikash with my wife

    A side trip over to east fork checking out the view of the strait Bear up a tree just off the side of the road.
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    Days are getting longer....

    Just wondering if there was any interest from anyone in an evening ride around the Port McNeill area .. Maybe Wednesday 6ish and go for a couple of hours . Some backroads maybe so of the local trails not to much choices but we can explore and see what we can find..
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    Saturday ride

    My wife and I went for a short ride Saturday afternoon. I took some pictures to share. Went to telegraph cove took about a 50km ride during a little sunny break... Stopped at the end of the road where there are some new houses being built. Then stopped by the dryland sort to look at the...
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    march 6 or 7

    Anyone looking to go for a ride this weekend. I was thinking a couple of options depends on who's in ... bike and hike into the artlish is one idea ... Maybe some river EXPLORATION in the upper bonanza ... A run over the hump to side bay or any of the other Grant bay, Raft cove, Palmerston...
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    rock chip in case

    hey went on a ride today and had a rock ding off my left (shifter) side case and now its slightly weeping oil what should i do new case, machine shop(can it be welded),jb weld any thoughts,,, thanks
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    Barkbuster Install advice

    Hey just looking for some advice on the best way to cut the throttle tube to install my acerbis barkbusters on my xr650 thanks
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    xr650L and jetting

    hello just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on what jets to run on my 2008 xr650l? The emmision junk is removed and i have i super trap exhaust and i am running stock jets and it seems a little lean. the bike seems to take forever to warm up and it seems if i shut it off even for 10 minutes...