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    March 21 22 2015 ARROW ARROW ARROW

    I have been down for the past couple of weeks with the flu and have fallen behind on the Newbie ride work I will need about 6 guys to help arrow the B and A routes this weekend Its requires the use of a stapler and placing arrows along the route, this is a highly skilled job and we will...
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    This is a call for help for tom on lowr buffalo jump

    This is not a joke, Tom has taken a tumble with the quad on lower buffalo jump and needs help Anyone familiar with the Tamihi trails and has a quad with a winch or a comealong please call me Sharon 604-572-9676 The coordinates are N49 02.750 W 121 50.874 He is 40 ft off the lower buffalo...
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    LOST & FOUND ON BUS after Newbie Ride

    This would be in the FOUND section.. Left on the bus 1 red toque flap style and Tom borrowed someones GMRS radio and now does not remember who it was who lent it to him... If you remember pm Tom. :talk: Thank you.
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    FOUND Black Nylon Joe Rocket liner XL .... on bus. I remember someone asking if they could leave it there, but figured they would pick it up at end of ride. It's here at the house. you can pm me .. Cheers.:ss:
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    imported post imported post Finally! The kudos page. Per my pm on Sunday Jeff, I reiterate what a great job you have done. Those hours of hard work have paid off!! :hb::hb: Congrats to all who helped as well.:clap::clap: Well done.:dr::dr: It looks great! -Sharon
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    LOST AND FOUND ITEMS from the bus: FOUND: 1 BLACK FLASHLIGHT with skinny handle sort of squashed like, not round. FOUND: 1 black BALACLAVA no markings. FOUND: 1 blue (dry) long sleeve shirt one of those wickdry weavetypes. (sorry not sure what they are called) FOUND: 1 book Catherine Coulter...
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    Dirty Face 2008 June 14, 2008

    DIRTY FACE 2008 June 14 flyer and registration ride is June 14 2008 and registration must be in by May 24 Pre-entry $35rider $35 passenger in USD Link to the flyer below: Link to the registration page...
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    1st Annual Island DualSport Dinner Bash

    1st Annual Island DualSport Dinner Bash Where: Boston Pizza in Nanaimo at2-5779 Turner Rd same side as the LongLakeBrew Pub When: Sat Dec 3 What Time: 6:30 pm Cost: $19.99 pperson The yummy menu is as follows: tossed and ceasar salads, spinach-artichoke dip, pizza bread, followed by Penne...
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    DualsportBC buffet dinner Sat NOV 5

    ****Sold Out**** Hello guys. I have not been doing my job I see. I am sorry but I forgot to include you guys when I invited everyone to the dualsport dinner. So here is your personal invitation from me.....sharon. Come down...we will be glad to put you up for the nite thus saving some $$...
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    DualSportBC buffet Sat Nov 5 6pm

    ****Sold Out**** Hi guys! I realize I have been remiss in not sending you a personal invitation to the dualsportbc dinner. This is the 3rd annual dinner and we would love to have you come down for this. Here are the details 3rd Annual DualsportBC Buffet DATE: Sat Nov 5,2005 TIME...
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    Just a reminder for anyone interested that we do meet on Fri nites around 7pm til 10 pm (they close then) at WENDELS in Fort Langley. :cf2: You can pretty much guarantee there will be at least one person there rain or shine to talk to. 7:30 am to 10:00 pm...
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    ****Sold Out**** 3rd Annual DualsportBC Buffet DATE: Sat Nov 5,2005 TIME: 6-10pm WHERE: Sawmill Pub 9613 192 Street, Surrey, BC COST: $25 per person ticket sales online @ MENU: Buffet style ATTENDANCE CAPACITY: Every year is a sellout so...
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    SUN OCT 23 Newbie Harrison E Ride & BBQ wrap up to season

    NEWBIE ALERT AND ANYONE ELSE INTERESTED Lets get together and have a Sunday wrap up ride to the season. Go up Harrison East to Clear Creek Hotsprings when: Sunday Oct 23 time: ???? tbd by you ...comments, suggestions pls where to meet:???? tbd by you ...comments, suggestionspls bring...
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    Dualsportbc in the news, in

    Just as an FYI check out the link, this was from the Blue Ribbon Coalition rep Don Amador that was at the Oakland m/c Sheetiron dualsport that some of us went to in May. DualsportBC gets a mention.
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    NEWBIE RIDE this weekend SAT June 25 or Sun Jun 26

    I have been thrown the gauntlet to ask any newbies out there if you want to go on a ride this weekend Sat June 25 or Sun Jun 26?? This would definitely be weather permitting on my part. I am not the fastest rider out there but have done some riding in California and the Dead Zone and Routledge...