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    Deep Hole?

    If you own a 2008/2009 KLR, you may want to read this:ted: You will need to Register!
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    Trail Brush Clearing Overnighter

    Looking for participants to help clear 4-5 Km of 2 track trail between the New Coldwater Main FSR to the Old Coldwater Main FSR. This is the only slightly difficult section as it now stands left that needs the low head whipping branches cleared. Once this is completed the route will be open...
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    2008 KLR Handlebars

    Has anyone replaced theirs with Aluminum type? Cost and fit is an issue.
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    Kitimat/ Terrace By FSR Now Possible

    I've not bothered with a RR for a long time, whether this year or several of the few prior. For this year for myself it's been a slow start, partly due to work, but mainly due to the long spring/snow condition around here. My maintenance is overdue and I use that conveniently as an excuse. Not...
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    Fraser Lake Weekend Anyone?

    The riding season is slowly coming to an end so I thought I'd offer a last chance event to enjoy the three B's ( Boyz, Bikes and Beer). No date slated as of yet, open to suggestions, and a weekday excursion is always possible. If interested please PM me. :hb:
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    Thornhill Mountain- A Local DS Gem.

    Friday was a beautiful fall day in the Northwest, the air has that morning chill that wakes you up. Nonetheless, the Terrace fuel stop still has me catching up on Java as I'm half a pot short. The agenda 2T and I had today was to search for a possible connector route from Williams Creek FSR to...
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    Grumpy's Northwest Inauguration

    After the morning Dubber meet to exchange pleasantries and put forth an itinerary, we gathered after a fuel stop at the the start of Copper FSR to some darkening skies. Onward we sloshed through the brief moments of deluge wondering if it would let up. The first session of the day was a 44...
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    Kasiks Trail Sunday Sept. 19th

    2T and I will be playing around on the Kasiks trail en route to Rupert Sunday AM if anyone is up for it. :clap:
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    Roadrunners Toy Run Saturday Sept. 25 Th.

    Kitimat Dairy Queen depart time is the same as last year at 11:00 AM to the Hot Springs with the official weigh scale rendezvous @ 2 PM. As I did last year I will omit this leg and opt for an early mild FSR tryst somewhere and hit the weigh scales at the aforementioned meet time, do the Toy Run...
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    Still sporting your STOCK KLR Skidplate?

    I thought I'd share the results of being a Cheap Bastard with fellow KLR owners who have not yet felt motivated enough to upgrade the stock skidplate or install the low profile magnetic oil plug. This first pic is the original stock skidplate after quite a lengthy period of use and overuse...
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    Fastest Way To Load Your Ride!
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    Fraser Lake Long Weekend Riding

    If anyone is interested to ride around the Fraser Lake area this weekend, quaff bevies and eat burnt animal parts, you would more than welcome to join the 2 soldiers already committed. We will be at the Casa de No Frills sometime in late afternoon. For those that know the way, start up the pit...
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    Shinko 244's On The Pig

    Found these tires online along with a set of 700's for such an amazingly low price, the Cheap Bastard in me couldn't refuse to give them a whirl. I mounted a 3.00X21 up front and the 5.10X17 on the arse end. I don't claim to have any prowess in said maneuvers as this is only my 2nd set...
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    And You Worry About Dropping Your Steed?
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    Kenda 270 Review For a Pig (Part 1)

    The End Has Cometh! The End Has Cometh! The Kenda's have expired, at least in my opinion. Perhaps they should have come off a little sooner, but I'm notoriously a Cheap Bastard and went for my moneys worth. I'm sure a few more clicks could be eked out on the road, but I have new skins that...