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    South from Gaspard Rd. to Mud Lakes

    Thanks bellacoolarider, I'm definitely getting a clear picture of what out there. A couple of us are thinking we might head up there to satisfy our curiosity and take a look.
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    South from Gaspard Rd. to Mud Lakes

    Thanks offworlder, I think I've read all the reports, and the message is clear, "treat the hills with respect". Take care Todd
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    South from Gaspard Rd. to Mud Lakes

    We’re in the early stages of planning a trip through the Chilcotin from Hwy 20 south on Gaspard Red Mountain Rd. to Mud Creek FSR. All of the ride reports I’ve been reading seem to be about riding north from Swartz Lake then going east to Yalakom. Can anyone provide some information on the route...
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    Crossing the Bedsprings Bridge

    I’m just wondering if anything came of this. I live in Duncan and I’ve always wanted to find a way through to Renfrew from Shawnigan after they removed the bridge.
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    bc ferries and motos

    I live on the island and before COVID I was on the ferry a lot, often with a bike. In general here’s what I have found, if you arrive before they start loading the ferry you’re pretty much guaranteed to get loaded first with the rest of the bikes. If you arrive after they have started loading...