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  1. jimi2crank

    Nickel Mine

    Never been there but a few of us would like to explore this Saturday. Does anyone know if it is open?
  2. jimi2crank

    Injured Newbie on the Nubee

    Thanks to everyone that stopped and helped out with the injured rider on the Nubee ride. End result was a dislocated knee, torn ACL, MCL and PCL. Knee reconstruction happening in the next month. 500cc's of injected KTM and inexperience can be a potent mix. Has not scared him away for riding...
  3. jimi2crank

    Thank You 2014 Noobie Ride Volunteers with Pictures and Videos

    Thank You guys for all the work and time you put in to the Tamahi trail system and all that you do to make the Noobie Rides happen. Did the Hard route today and had a blast. :clap: :clap:
  4. jimi2crank

    August 1 - 4 Wells BC, Art, Music, Motorbikes

    My brother and I grew up in Wells BC and organized a little trip up there last summer for the Arts & Music Festival ( http://www.artswells.com/ ) and to ride some of the 100's of kms of trail. We are doing it again this year and just throwing it out there for anybody who would like to join us...