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  1. skidmark43

    Kamloops May 26 DS Ride

    Perhaps correct your date from 28 to 25 there mister retiree!
  2. skidmark43

    Bridal Falls FSR 2015

    Thanks for posting this Tom. I recall 1st taking this trail with you & Andy some 15 years ago and being sure I'd die on it... Disappointing that original post doesn't give a hat tip to the fact that you, Neil & Syl cleared the trail of face slappers etc that year. I recall going through...
  3. skidmark43

    ISO Tail Light licence plate mount

    Hey TT - I noticed the original front fender with a VIN decal hanging in my garage. Let me know when you're down here next & I'll trade you for a beer.
  4. skidmark43

    Size 10 boots

    Got new boots for Christmas - so cleaning out my garage - a pair of Alpinestars Tech 6's and a pair of Tech 3's. Both are size 10 and in decent condition with no broken buckles. $75 per pair seems reasonable to me... If you disagree then I'll increase the price.
  5. skidmark43

    Ride Tamihi Thxgiving weekend 2018

    Anyone up for a ride on Sunday? Start around 09:30? Not supposed to rain until pm... Otherwise will probably go to McNutt.
  6. skidmark43

    Tamihi SUNDAY DEC 3rd

    Reports of the rain letting up for the next few days has me itching to get out. It will be greasy, but Bob & I will be ready to ride from the staging area at 09:30. All are welcome.
  7. skidmark43

    Sunday Oct 29, 2017 TAMAHI

    Forecast indicates this great weather will be around a few more days. Ready to ride / staging area 09:30.
  8. skidmark43

    The ride might be free... but please bring CASH

    We have a RAFFLE!!! This is the only fundraiser of the weekend for DSBC. Help us pay for all the chainsaw chains. oil & gas + handtools used (broken) in preparation for this ride. Brand-new (never mounted) Dunlop 606 sized 130/90-18. This is a $120+ tire. This was donated by one of our...
  9. skidmark43

    Canada Day Long W/E 2015 - Spences Bridge / North Fraser Canyon

    The Dead Zone. If you have to ask then this might not be for you... Will be heading up the canyon as schedules permit on Wednesday July 1st; staying through Sunday. 3+ days of riding & maintenance of our famous Dead Zone trail network. These are B, B+ & A trails (often the same trail features...
  10. skidmark43

    Sunday May 17 - Tamihi

    4+ of us are meeting for breakfast in Yarrow shortly after 08:00 before heading out to staging area. All welcome...
  11. skidmark43

    Iwannaridemoab 2015

    It is time for Moab! This trip has become somewhat of a yearly pilgrimage for many of us. If you have never been to Moab or dont know what its all about -check out some of the threads right here on this site (and there are lots of other sites / info sources) to get you excited. I highly...
  12. skidmark43

    Boxing Day 2014 @ Tamihi

    Looking forward to more mud & water before the big freeze next week? Come out & show off some of the goodies you collected (or bought for yourself) from Santa. I anticipate feeling quite bloated / sluggish after turkey day, so let's plan to be ready to go from the Staging Area at 10:30...
  13. skidmark43

    Tues Dec 23 Tamihi

    Sick of work & finally have a break to ride. Rain or shine a couple of us will be at the Tamihi Staging Area by 10:30. The more the merrier!
  14. skidmark43

    CRC Pacific Forest Rally in Merritt Oct 3-4 2014

    The annual Canadian Rally Championship in British Columbia A call-out for volunteers / spectators for this very entertaining auto event. The Pacific Forest Rally is a fully sanctioned two-day performance rally based in the Nicola Valley around Merritt... View on
  15. skidmark43

    Aug 23rd / 24th - WHIPSAW

    4+ of us plan to depart Agassiz on Saturday morning ~8am... up E Harrison to Boston Bar (fuel) then Anderson Creek / Spius / Ustlis to Coq - south to Britton then Champion etc and 'down' the Whipsaw + back routes into Princeton in time for beer-O'clock. Overnighting at cheap motel (with a...
  16. skidmark43

    Confirming date

    Spoke with organizers Chris Carey & Dwight Harris... They confirmed the date for this is Sept 7th.
  17. skidmark43

    Canada Day Long W/E 2014 - Spences Bridge.

    Will be heading up the canyon for a weekend of riding & maintenance of our famous Dead Zone trail network. Arriving as schedules permit on Friday (June 27th), riding B, B+ & A trails on Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday - all based from the Acacia Campground in Spences. We'll probably watch...
  18. skidmark43

    Jan 9th fatal MVA

    Local news is reporting a dirtbiker was killed this afternoon in a collision with a truck near 232nd & 72nd (Langley). Presumably a friend from our tribe. Sends a chill up my spine. Do a bed check amongst your buddies. I fuking hate rip threads. M
  19. skidmark43

    DSBC 2013 Finacials

    Great start to a discussion, Tom. To your points: 1 - There aren't really any 'newcomers to get up to speed'. Judy will have the list of society members (those individuals who volunteered / organized events in 2012 & held 2012 trailpasses) - but the names really aren't changing. The AGM is to...
  20. skidmark43

    Pruning Users

    I say delete them right away without the warnings etc. We don't need the commentary or chaos from members that will ensue from a protracted process. After scrubbing, I'll bet we'll receive messages from less than 10 people who ask about their "access / login problems"... which I can easily deal...