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  1. Taxguy

    Orca Run pre-ride - Sunday April 3rd

    We will be pre-riding parts of the A/B route on Sunday. I suspect we will have to do some clearing and possibly planning of new sections. Meet at Serious Coffee in Mill Bay at 9AM, leaving by 9:30. Post up if you can make it.
  2. Taxguy

    Harbour City Motorsports for sale!OpenDocument
  3. Taxguy

    Trails near Campbell River

    We are going camping near Campbell River and will be looking to do some unplated trail riding. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  4. Taxguy

    ICBC Sucks

    So I just registered my FJR1300 in Alberta - insurance and registration totalled $350, in BC with full discount and using private insurance for the optional coverage it was over $1,500!! I knew we were getting ripped off in BC, but this is ridiculous.
  5. Taxguy

    New toy got dirty - TE 250

    First ride on the Husky today, it handles great and just loves to rev!
  6. Taxguy

    Cariboo Riding Areas

    We are on a family vacation in 108 next week and I will be looking to do some offroad (no plates) riding with my son. Are there any locals out there that can recommend some good riding areas? Thanks!
  7. Taxguy

    Moab - Sept 27 - Oct 7, 2007. Let's do it again!

    We had such a good time last year, we need to do it again. We are planning a trip to Moab, Utah leaving Vancouver Island on or aboutSept 27and returning October 7. It is about a two day drive each way allowing a goodsix days of riding. We rode 6 days last year and just scratched the surface of...
  8. Taxguy

    Jan 20th ride

    Anyone riding tomorrow? I am going through withdrawal so I plan to go riding with my son tomorrow afternoon, somewhere, anywhere!!
  9. Taxguy

    Saturday May 20 - Jordan Ridge

    For those of you who did not make it last weekend, how about another attempt? I will be camping at China Beach provincial campground and my son and will be going riding on Saturday (and probably Sunday too). We could meet at the burger place (Shakies?) in Jordan River- say at 10AM. Mike, are...
  10. Taxguy

    Test rode a 950 Adventure Today

    Spunky's has a demo 950 available so I went up there and took it for a rip today. Wow, I loved it! It feels like a slightly larger version of my DR650 but has more power than my VFR. I didn't get to ride it off road, but it certainly feels like it would be effective there. On the road, it had no...
  11. Taxguy

    Side racks

    I am considering these side racks so I can throw soft saddlebags on without burning them; has anybody used these or some other option?
  12. Taxguy

    GPS routing question

    Does anyone know how to help my GPS software (Topo Canada) to realize that there is a ferry across the Fraser River at Big Bar? It thinks the roads on either side don't connect and therefore chooses a route the loooong way around.
  13. Taxguy

    Chilcotin Adventure - July 8 - 15, 2006

    So we are planning a Chilcotin dualsport trip this summer. Theplans to date are: July 8 Nanaimo to Clinton via Hurley Pass to Goldbridge, MudCreek FSRd; Yalakom River Rd etc.; over Big Bar Ferry then to Clinton, staying at Distance: 427kms...
  14. Taxguy

    Nov 6 ride - Nanaimo area

    Looking to try out my new tires tomorrow, anyone else up for a ride? Could meet at Woodgrove Timmies at 10:00 for anyone who is in.
  15. Taxguy

    Dual-sport kit & registration

    So, I am thinking about getting a Baja Designs dual-sport kit for my KLX400R but want to know about registering in BC. Anybody gone through this process?