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  1. Island Hopper

    NI Ride 2017 Aug 4th to 8th

    Once again it will happen on the BC day long weekend , just working on this years route now... -It will be the same caravan format as we've done the last few years where we camp at a different location each night.. -250 KM fuel range on your bike would be a guideline as we will be able to grab...
  2. Island Hopper

    Camp N Ride Sat- Sun June 24 ,25

    Camp n Ride June 24 th, 25th, Leave from Campbell River late Saturday afternoon, Camp up near Nimpkish Lake that night, return back Sunday evening.. The purpose of the ride is to Check if Kinman/Numas pass is open and also see if the cave trail is passable.
  3. Island Hopper

    Ride Sunday out of Campbell River

    Ride Sunday out of Campbell River.. Leave from the 19/28 Chevron at 8:30 - 9:00 am , the plan is to scout out the passes to see if they are open.
  4. Island Hopper

    North Island Ride 2016 July 29- Aug 1st

    This is year # 11 for the ride and it's looking like Side Bay bay would make a good destination as it was a favorite from the past.. The plan will be to meet up Friday evening and work our way North and back over the next 3 days, camping at a different site each day.. Same format as the last...
  5. Island Hopper

    Ride Sunday out of Campbell River

    I am going to head out for a day ride on Sunday, or maybe even head out Late afternoon Saturday and camp the night as the forecast looks really good... Any one interested in tagging along: post up..
  6. Island Hopper

    September Adventure Ride

    Here is a video I did up from our annual September ride: I can't get it to embed full screen so you'll have to click on the youtube symbol in the bottom corner to increase the size..
  7. Island Hopper

    Ride Sunday 23rd North of Campbell River

    Headed out early Sunday AM to head up and explore some loop routes... May also ride to the highest elevation and then hike up to scout the ridge that accesses Victoria peak for a future ride and hike... Probably be about 300-400 kms of riding for the day... Meet at Campbell River around 8-9...
  8. Island Hopper

    Ride n Hike, Sunday Aug 16th

    Looking at heading out from Campbell River early Sunday AM and heading North up Island to check out some peaks.. Will need sturdy hiking footwear, daypack with snacks and a bit of lung capacity... Approx 300 KM of riding and 3-5 km of hiking Looking to check out these peaks just North from...
  9. Island Hopper

    NI Ride 2015, July 31st to August 3rd

    For this yrs ride will be leaving Campbell River on Friday evening {July 31} and focusing on some routes between Campbell River and Woss... Once again we will camp at a different spot each night so we can cover different riding areas the following day... Also this year I would like to add some...
  10. Island Hopper

    Fathers day weekend Ride and Camp

    I plan to leave Campbell River around 6 PM Saturday and Return Monday evening... Same type stuff as the last few rides, ride, explore and camp... Weather forecast looks good, even a bit of rain to wet the dust would be ok as things are pretty dry out there... Any takers?
  11. Island Hopper

    Sunday June 14th Extended ride to Stewart and Stuart

    Once again the weather looks good for Sunday, I plan to ride up to Stewart Valley and check out a route and then travel to Stuart valley and poke around there... Probably looking at 400 KM for the day if not more... Could leave Campbell River at around 8:30 Am or if enough interest leave the...
  12. Island Hopper

    Riding and Camping Fri -Sun

    Looks like a great weather weekend, I plan to head out from Campbell River around 5PM Friday night and camp for 2 nights ... I plan to explore some routes and campsites for the 2015 NI Ride... 2 nights out and head back on Sunday.. Any takers want to tag along?
  13. Island Hopper

    Ride n Camp up to Malcolm Island Saturday 16th, Sun, Mon

    Going to head out of Campbell River on Saturday afternoon and ride up to Malcolm Island camping a night or 2 on the Island doing a bit of riding on Sunday.. Monday take a loop back southward and camp again or for those that don't have Tuesday off can head home Monday afternoon.. Be leaving...
  14. Island Hopper

    Overnighter out to Pachena Sat PM to Sun

    Going to leave Campbell River around 4:30 Sat afternoon and ride south to Cowichan before heading accross the Island and then camp just before dark at Pachena.. Will return back through Port Alberni on Sunday.. Looking at around 700 KM for the ride... Any Takers?
  15. Island Hopper

    Riding and camping Sat- Mon

    Looks like a good forecast for this weekend, so it is time do dust off the camping gear... Planning to do a couple nights out, leave Campbell River and head north late Sat afternoon, and return back Monday afternoon.. We could cover 500-1000 KMs for the 2.5 days keeping a flexible route...
  16. Island Hopper

    Dayride Sunday March 15th, Stewart Valley..

    Going to head up the Stewart Valley to Ribbon out some trail, then do a scenic loop back through the Adam Valley... Meet up at the Campbell River hwy19/28 Chevron at around 9AM, bring a lunch.. Expected distance covered should be around 300-400 KM for the day... Forecast is calling for 10...
  17. Island Hopper

    Backroads ride to the Cave trail, Sunday 8th

    Going to do a fairly long backroads jaunt up towards the North Island... The plan to do a ride through the cave trail, trim away the blow down and return back following some of the TCAT routes... This may be a long day so an early start of 8-9AM out of Campbell River would work best {factor in...
  18. Island Hopper

    Ride Sunday Feb 15th Campbell River

    Destination Unknown but the weather says + 11 C and sunny... Maybe do a wing it mystery tour... Leave out of Campbell River around 9AM..
  19. Island Hopper

    Moto Mosco Panniers

    I recently picked up a set of these Mosko 35 liter backcountry panniers and they look to be by far the best design I have come across for adventure travel... From what I understand the Mosko Reps will be at the Bike show next week, if your looking for bags have at look at them in person...
  20. Island Hopper

    Sunday 28th Campbell River Ride

    Meet at the hwy 28/19 Chevron around 9AM.... Going to do a wing it backroads ride to the North toward Windy point depending on Daylight... Up to 300 km max for the day but will shorten it up if the temps are cooler... Any takers?