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    Husqvarna 701 Clutch Slave Cylinder

    This has been a problem for years with Magura. Glad KTM / Husky are FINALLY doing something about it. They blew me off when my 701 failed so I went with Oberon.
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    Victoria Motorcycle Club - Canada Day Dual Sport - Sunday June 3

    OK it's not quite Canada Day yet, but by then we'll probably have a fire ban so let's ride this weekend! Sign up 9 AM at the Serious Coffee, 2951 Green Rd (Walmart parking lot), Duncan BC. First riders leave at 10 AM. Street legal licensed bikes only. Link to the announcement:
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    We're camping at Elk Falls - suggestions for dual sport trails? Single track?

    Hi all, we might be camping at Elk Falls on Labour Day so wondering where the good riding is around there? Looking for maybe 1 afternoon dual sporting and one afternoon single track. I've got the Backroad Map Books so if you can point me at a FSR or other landmark I'm good to go. Thanks!
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    Camping near Cat Lake?

    Hi all, anywhere near Cat Lake where I can pull off the road with a travel trailer around August 25-27?The BC recreation website shows that Cat Lake has 4 campsites that are accessible from the road - are these for the public, or staff only?Alice Lake is full, already checked there.I don't mind...
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    Remembrance day at Mount Bolduc plane crash site

    For any riders that are interested, there is a service held each remembrance day at the plane crash site on Mount Bolduc at 11 AM. Several of us Victoria-area riders are going up there tomorrow. This will be my first time. I think it will be a nice way to commemorate our fallen soldiers...
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    A parent's nightmare

    Look, we all know that riding can be hazardous. But as long as we are taking sensible precautions, the risk of injury will generally be pretty low. But sometimes, teenagers just know better. I have two of them and they are both a lot smarter than me. So even though we give them goggles...
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    Navigating on a REALLY BIG screen

    Here on the south island, Backroad Map Books are the gold standard for accuracy and detail so that's what a lot of us use to navigate. Recently BRMB brought out digital versions of their maps, so I bought some of them and loaded them on my iPhone. The app (PDF Maps from Avenza) puts a big blue...
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    350? 500? Which bike?

    Hi all, I'd really appreciate some feedback from people who have ridden both the 350 and 500 versions of the EXC. I'm thinking of buying a new dual-sport and in general I really like the agility of smaller bikes. But I've also heard some people say that the new 500 feels just like the 350 but...