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  1. JavaJude

    Paid for my 2022 DSBC Membership - now what?

    Hi Guy All packages were sent out. But I will send you another one. Judy
  2. JavaJude

    Paid for my 2022 DSBC Membership - now what?

    I just got the BCORMA Trail Pass decals and DSBC decals so I will be sending out the membership packages sometime this week. Sorry for the delay. Thanks for your patience.
  3. JavaJude

    Paid for my 2022 DSBC Membership - now what?

    I am waiting for the BCORMA Trail Pass decals to arrive. Russ said he is sending them to me. As soon as I get them I will mail out the membership packages. Thank you for purchasing a membership and for your patience 😁
  4. JavaJude

    Need Membership Help

    Hi Lisa I have your payment info from PayPal and I will process your membership this week and send you the DSBC decals. Thank you for renewing your membership 😁 Judy
  5. JavaJude

    GVMC Routledge Run July 19-21,

    Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club's 65th Annual Routledge Run For complete information go to The GVMC website at and click on the Rides tab. This event is a Road Ride for those that enjoy the pavement and an Adventure Touring Ride for those that enjoy a mix of Forest Service...
  6. JavaJude

    EZ Adventure "C" Route Instructions and Roll Chart

    This is the thread where you will get more info on the EZ Adventure "C" Route. If you are riding this route your bike has to have ICBC road insurance as you will be travelling on paved roads as well as FSRs. This route is a dual sport ride so minimal off-road experience is required. There is...
  7. JavaJude

    iwannaridemoab metalmasher 2019 DSBC does Moab

    Fantastic photos.
  8. JavaJude

    EZ ADVENTURE ("C") Route - details

    The EZ Adventure C route is all done!!! This will be a GPS Route. So have the tracks loaded up on your GPS BEFORE you get to the event or ride with someone who has the tracks loaded on their GPS. There will be NO ARROWS marking this course. You can download the GPS tracks from the box below...
  9. JavaJude

    Tamahi Camping

    Saw this info posted on Facebook today for camping at Tamahi: New Camping Fees for 2018 Site fees are now $17.00 per night..1 vehicle allowed on site Senior discounts are for BC residents only and all adults in the party must be 65 or over Fees are $8.50 No discounts on reservations or...
  10. JavaJude

    KMS Tools Club Rewards Program

    We all go to KMS Tools and C.A.R. Parts so DualSportBC joining the KMS Club seemed like a no-brainer. Each time you shop at KMS you can now add rewards points for DualSportBC. Here is the info letter I received: "The DualSport BC Group Rewards account is ready to collect Rewards for you...
  11. JavaJude

    BCORMA AGM May 27, 2017

    Tom and I are not able to attend the BCORMA AGM on May 27 at the Bear Creek/OTRA riding area. So we are posting this thread to see if there is anyone who would like to take on the challenge of attending in our stead. You must be aware of some of the issues that are important to DSBC. If you...
  12. JavaJude

    EZ Adventure C Route - GPS tracks and roll chart. Find them HERE.

    For those of you riding the EZ Adventure route this is where you will find the links to the GPS Tracks and the Roll Chart. They will be on this thread (hopefully) some time today.
  13. JavaJude

    DSBC New Registrations are Closed April 19 2017

    I will be selling DSBC memberships and Trail Passes at the NEWBIE RIDE. So if you don't have your DSBC membership yet and you want to go on the Newbie Ride come early and sign up. Bring Cash. Judy
  14. JavaJude

    GVMC 1st Annual Garage Sale

    The Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club (GVMC) is having their 1st Annual Garage Sale. See the flyer below for information. I am considering having a DualSportBC table with donated items from DSBC members. You probably all have a part or two from a bike you no longer own and have no desire or...
  15. JavaJude

    Chilliwack Search and Rescue

    I received this Thank-You letter in the mail today from Chilliwack Search and Rescue and wanted to share it with everyone. Especially the generous DualSportBC members who made a donation on the GoFundMe page. We all know what an important job the volunteers at Chilliwack Search and Rescue do...
  16. JavaJude

    Movie Extra Opportunity

    I just got this email today so I wanted to pass it on to all DSBC members who may want to become movie stars. This is an opportunity to be cast as an extra. Please read all of the details below: Today is: 2/22/2017 ============================================ My name is: James Forsyth...
  17. JavaJude

    Annual DSBC Spring Newbie Ride April 30, 2017 DETAILS.

    Spring Newbie Ride details: Date: SUNDAY APRIL 30, 2017 Location: TAMAHI STAGING AREA IN CHILLIWACK Time: 8:00am SIGN-UP, COFFEE, SOCIAL 9:30am RIDERS' MEETING 10:00am LAST RIDER OUT Route options: EZ ADVENTURE (C) ROUTE HARD (A/B) ROUTE...
  18. JavaJude

    *** Volunteers Needed ***

    DualSportBC booth at the Motorcycle Show DualSportBC will once again have a booth at the 2017 Vancouver Motorcycle Show at Tradex in Abbotsford. Show dates are: January 20 (Friday) - January 22 (Sunday) We need people to volunteer to work in the booth . If you've done it in the...
  19. JavaJude

    About the ADVENTURE EZ Route

    The Adventure EZ "C" Route is an easy fun scenic route designed for a beginner off-road rider on an entry level dual sport bike or for someone who has some off-road experience on a bigger dual sport adventure bike or for an experienced rider on any type of dual sport bike who just wants to have...
  20. JavaJude

    Chilliwack Search and Rescue and the Newbie Ride

    :clap: The Spring Newbie Ride is a FUND RAISER for Chilliwack Search and Rescue:clap: This year the Spring Newbie is acknowledging all of the hard work and dedication of Chilliwack Search and Rescue (CSAR). These are the people that volunteer their time and risk their own safety to help others...