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  1. Bora20

    The Routes

    The routes have been posted and an email has been sent to all registered. You will have to download the zip files, open, and then will have the roll charts and GPX files for each of the four routes.
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    LSDS Instagram

    If you are an Instagram user, follow us at @loosescrewds and tag us in your event photos. Remember to use #loosescrewds
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    LSDS 2019 Riders List

    If your name is on the list, you are paid and ready to go. 1 Tourand Tom 2 Flach Jesse 3 Gray Mark 4 Wymer Jim 5 Ryan Jay 6 Jorgenson Kent 7 Delay Arron 8 Schiewe Todd 9 Lunt Darren...
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    LSDS2018 Routes

    The routes have been sent out via email. If you did not get the email, you are either a) not registered or b) your email address does not work. Let me know if you need them. Dan
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    Kamoops - Evening of May 29, 2018

    I am going to go out and check some more of the A route in the evening of May 29th. We will be meeting at the Salt Shack about 2 km from the Loose Screw field between 5:30pm and 6:00pm. I would like to be geared and ready to go at 6:00pm. This ride will have a mix of A route, B route...
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    LSDS Facebook Page

    So we started a Facebook this year to reach those on the DSBC FB page. We are still engaged with DSBC and you will find us here the majority of the time:) Become a DSBC member and support the cause!
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    2018 Riders

    All pre-registered riders from 2017 that rolled their entry fees forward to the 2018 event will need to provide an updated 2018 form for insurance and food/shirt reasons. An email has been sent to you. 2018 LSDS Riders Number Last name First Name 2018 Form? 1...
  8. Bora20

    2018 Registration is open!!

    2018 Registration is open!! Anyone that rolled their money forward from 2017 to 2018 will need to provide a new form this year. You may want more food or gone up a t-shirt size :p
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    Cancelled: 2017 loose screw dual sport

    I regret to inform you that the Loose Screw Crew has made the unanimous decision to cancel the 2017 Loose Screw Dual Sport event. The extreme fire rating of 5 in our area, the ash falling from the sky, and the need to be good event neighbours has forced our hand. In addition to this, the...
  10. Bora20

    Sunday July 9 *ride*saw*flag*swim - LSDS A Route

    We will be cleaning and flagging the following sections of the A route on Sunday July 9th. We will be starting from 6 Mile at 10am. 6 Mile is the intersection of the Chase-Falkland Road with the Paxton Valley Road. The quickest way there from Kamloops is to drive to Falkland, then turn left...
  11. Bora20

    Sunday June 25- ride*flag*saw

    I am planning to ride the full morning of the LSDS A route to flag and cut out some face slappers on Sunday. I was thinking of going early as it might be +35 I heard.Leaving from the salt shack. Not sure of timing. Any takers?
  12. Bora20

    30 more days to register

    Registration for the 2017 event is open for 30 more days. If you would like to attend the 2017 Loose Screw in Kamloops, please ensure your completed registration form is to us by Saturday July 15, 2017 in order to receive dinner and an event t-shirt. There will be no exceptions this year on...
  13. Bora20

    Sunday June 12 - A route

    Who want to see how deep the water is this weekend?? I thought about running the morning of the A and then the final pieces of the A we didn't get done last time out. Maybe the whole thing. Maybe an hour? Who really knows? Have roll chart, will follow?Leaving from the Salt Shack around 930-10...
  14. Bora20

    May 28 - LSDS A/B route clean up

    We will be meeting at the Salt Shack at 10am on Sunday May 28 to ride portions of the LSDS A/B route. It needs to be cleaned up and we need to see how much the trail has been beaten by the rain. Should be an easier ride.
  15. Bora20

    May 14

    Anyone riding tomorrow for Mother's Day?
  16. Bora20

    April 14, 15, 16, 17

    What are we going to do this sunny long weekend? I can ride Sunday April 16th and Monday April 17th.
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    If you see your name on the list, I have received your entry form and you are in. Number Last name First Name 1 Tourand Tom 2 Hollis Sean 3 Barnard Christopher 4 Walker Andrew 5 Geismar Jean Luc 6 Enns Bryon 7 Noel Craig 8 Coupe Jacob 9 Christie Alexander 10 Kapelari Jarred 11 Frick Darren 12...
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    Welcome to LSDS 2017 - August 12th - Kamloops, BC A weekend of epic dualsport riding for everyone - beginners to experts. Registration is open (finally!) This year we will again have 4 routes. As usual, the Kamloops guys have some fantastic tracks for you to enjoy. Download the registration...
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    Info is posted!! Go here first More information is found here.
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    LSDS 2017 - Saturday August 12, 2017

    The new section for next year has not been created, but people are starting to ask for next years date. The ride date will be: SATURDAY AUGUST 12, 2017