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    How to make your own service log mobile app for free

    I wrote up a quick tutorial on how to create for yourself a free mobile app to log the service work you do on your bike(s), car, boat, generator, chainsaw, etc. Since I always have my phone with me, I find it easier to an app to log my service work than trying to lay down my illegible greasy...
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    Opinion needed on a couple older KTM bikes

    Looking to get myself a decent DS bike in and around the $3K mark. I don't know much about these 2 older KTMs that are posted on Craigslist. They are both 2003 model years, but one is a 520 & the other is a 525. I dunno does that seem right? Post your thoughts on what you think. I ain't riding...
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    Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition - End of Empire

    I checked out the Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition today on a bit of a lark after driving down there to buy turn signals (I cleaned out Barnes HD Langley/PoCo). For those that haven't seen it, I encourage you to go. The current theme chronicles the rise & fall of the British motorcycle industry. I...
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    Hoping to keep this an open "Vedder" thread, much like the McNutt thread. Will be riding Vedder with Franhoser this Sunday (July 11th). We haven't solidified a start time yet but it will likely be around 10am or so. Would like to have some company on the mountain because I get too tired to pick...
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    No shortage of bonehead drivers

    Some truly bizarre stuff. Really makes you wonder, eh? For me, 2:00 - 2:07 produced the most head scratching.
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    Recommend a machine shop in Langley or Surrey

    Need to find a shop to remove 2 stripped front rotor bolts so I can take off a bent front rotor. Also, is it possible to machine a bent front rotor, or does proper protocol call for a replacement?
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    Cleaned out airbox & now bike runs like crap

    ***Bike in question is a 1994 DR350SE with Acerbis tank (dual petcocks), 3x3 airbox mod, JD jet kit, Kientech muffler mod*** The other night I removed the airbox assembly (all pieces up to the carb). I cleaned everything out, cleaned/oiled the filter, let everything dry & put it all together...
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    Buell Ulysses turn signals (on the cheap)

    I've been using Buell's Ulysses turn signals for a while & think they're the best $22 I've spent on my bike(s). The factory Suzuki signals are butt ugly, plus Suzuki wants a fortune for 'em. For a rider that has as many get-offs as I do, these Buell units are the cats meow :)
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    Review: Thor Quadrant boots

    Just finished a mini review of Thor's Quadrant boots. I have copy/pasted a text only version of my review below because I'm too lazy to deal with formatting/links/images/etc. 2010 MAY 27 tags: dirt bike boots, dual-sport boots, enduro boots, mx boots, thor, thor quadrant boots, thormx, sidi...
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    What do you carry: tube(s), patch kit, or both?

    *** I figured I'd test the poll capabilities of the new forum :D *** Just curious as to what you carry along with you on local (i.e., back by dark) rides? I only carry a patch kit & leave a bit more pressure in my tires to avoid a pinch. What about you guys?
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    Long Weekend Monday (24th) Ride

    Right now I have a 90% chance of not working this coming long weekend Monday. Anyone up for a ride? I am up for pretty much anything: Eagle Ridge, McNutt, Stave Lake (east or west), Norrish Creek, Hemlock Valley, etc. Post up if you wanna ride on Monday :)
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    First time out to McNutt today. Big ups go to Franhoser -- he was nice enough to play tour guide for me & buckethead. I have to admit that 2 minutes in I thought it was gonna be a looong day, but after the initial shock to the senses the DR & I settled down (i.e., eventual relaxation of the...
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    Husaberg to unleash two DI bikes into their 2011 lineup?

    From Transalted snippet: This news is spreading like wildfire & there's is much info floating around to substantiate it. Other Euro websites mention that Husqvarna/BMW have also finished developing their own DI 2-stroke bikes as well. Interesting times!
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    2011 Husky 450

    This is the new TC450 coming under wraps. I'd imagine the TXC + TE bikes would not differ much, other than the TE using a 6-speed tranny as per the current format. KEY FEATURES: (1) BMW EFI engine w/electric start (2) Kayaba suspension (3) All new frame/swingarm with concentric axle traction...
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    Factory DR350 tank - I haz a question

    I am temporarily going to be using the factory DR350 tank while I wait for a couple new Acerbis petcocks/gaskets, etc for my big tank. Anyways, I noticed the factory petcock has 2 nipple connectors: a large brass one & a smaller steel one below it. I am guessing the larger one goes to the carby...
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    Long range tanks

    Per Safari: Husqvarna 630 Safari Tank Coming mid 2010! Capacity: 5.3gal/20+ L posted on tuesday, january 26, 2010 Husqvarna 310-510 Trail Tank Coming Mid 2010! 4-4.5 gal tank for the EFI Husky's posted on tuesday, january 26, 2010
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    Just installed new clutch cable & have a couple questions

    *Bike is a 1994 DR350SE* I just popped in a new clutch cable on my bike. With the engine started & the bike up on a work stand, I noticed the rear wheel spins when the bike is in gear & I have the clutch lever pulled in. Is this normal/ok? What's the deal with the 2 adjusting nuts? I have them...
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    Review: Alpinestars Web Gore-Tex Boots

    Just finished a mini review of the Alpinestars Web Gore-Tex boots for those that have road/touring bikes. If you're still wearing hiking boots or not wanting to wear the rigid race type boots, I think these A* boots are the cats meow :) I have copy/pasted my review below but did not bother to...
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    OT: Who uses a home security/monitoring system?

    I'm moving soon, & am going to use a home monitoring system at my new place. I'm wanting to hear what company you think is best -- I don't want to choose a crappy provider.
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    New Old Stock -- takes on a whole new meaning

    This has spread like wildfire throughout the 'Net, so I'm sure many of you have seen it. For those that haven't, have a look at what a Stockholm bike dealer had sitting in the back of his shop: