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  1. Mad Max

    Happy Birthday Tom!

    Hoping your Birthday is GREAT Tom!!! Thanks for THIS SITE!!! I have met SO many great folks and had LOTS of fun and ADVENTURES because of it!!Enjoy your day "Leader of the People"!!!
  2. Mad Max

    Saturday Nite Ride

    I am going out Saturday evening for a ride,fire/cookout. Any takers?
  3. Mad Max

    leave your keys home

    I got a text from my pal Tony yesterday about 4:30 that he was up Green Mtn.and had put a disc lock on his bike to go for a hike. He unfortunately left the keys at home. I met up with his brother Ian and within an hour,we were off and riding! We saw some awesome views When we got to Tony he...
  4. Mad Max

    Tighten your bolts and screws

    Recently I was helping a pal swap out his carb on his drz and noticed several loose/missing bolts. Just a reminder that NOW is a great time to go over your bike and put a wrench/screwdriver on every fastener you can.Take off your seat and plastics to check places you would not normally...
  5. Mad Max

    January First 2014 Mid-Island Get Together

    D.S.B.C.ers I would like to invite you guys to a bonfire/BBQ at my place Jan 1 2014 . Bring whatever you want to eat and drink as well as a chair and come on over for a BS between 11:00 and 4:00.Drive your car or ride your trusty steed if you want. I have lots of parking so don't be shy just...
  6. Mad Max


    On vacation today in Maui with my wife and a guy on a Harley had a slow speed get-off going around a corner. As he had no hemet, he left a good portion of hair and skull-meat on the road and was out cold and had pissed his pants.We gave him first-aid until Paramedics and Cops showed up.Keep in...
  7. Mad Max

    Monday February 11

    I won't be working Monday and plan on going for a rip somewhere . Probably some fast dirt or something cuz I need to put on some miles. Wanna come? Lemme know. Jay
  8. Mad Max

    New Years Day Ride

    Hey Everyone, Deadwood Creek See post 9 & 11 Jay
  9. Mad Max

    Sunday Behind Ladysmith

    Any and all takers for tomorrow we will leave my place at 10:00.C+ to B- riding (unless we do a couple side tours or hit snow). PM me for directions if you are coming.Bring something to cook as we will be having a campfire / cookout.Hoping to see cabins, lakes and waterfalls. Jay
  10. Mad Max

    Happy Belated 65th G450X

    65 years old and he did not tell a soul But on his new 250 he can really rock +roll He likes to go out riding and he LOVES to cut new trail You see him roost his KTM he really makes it wail Well now he is a SENIOR but you really would not know The cop said "you can't ride here" and Rick...
  11. Mad Max

    Hey 2Trider and bchunter

    Would you guys please check your P.M.s .I need your advice ASAP. Thanks, Jay
  12. Mad Max


    A pal of mine said go to you-tube and punch in Hayabusa/Smart-car and see what you get? Holy Crap..The Smart Diablo really rips things up. c337b...You listening???
  13. Mad Max

    2012 ORCA RUN Photos and Videos

    My Thanks to: Sponsors, Volunteers and Participants BUT a special hats off to Henry,Renee,Tanner,Quentin and "Rent-a-Kid". You guys all saved Orca this year and made the whole thing work. It was super of everybody to help out Kenny O and his family. Kindness goes a long way when your kid is...
  14. Mad Max

    Happy 50th Birthday c337b !!!!

    Franky's turning fifty I bet you did not know He's not as fast as he once was He's gettin kinda slow He rides a light-weight girly bike But still goes everywhere And when he drops it on the trail We ALWAYS laugh and stare So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Frank old chum Fifty's gettin old Keep those...
  15. Mad Max

    Saturday ride and exploring

    A few shots of todays ride, c337b, Kid Agin and G450X taking a well earned rest c337b.. I can't believe he did NOT roost me G450X and Kid Agin after being turned around by snow Thanx for a fun ride guys, Jay
  16. Mad Max

    No Work Zone:Camping in Coombs June 22+23

    I talked with Jackie at Coombs Country Campground and they would LOVE to have us stay at their campground. It has a pool + hot tub as well as a stocked lake for fishing. Power and water sites are $35.00 + hst per night. The large group sites (numbers 82-92) hold 2-4 units per site and are in the...
  17. Mad Max

    How's Cheeseburger doing?

    When we were cleaning up after the show Colin accidentally slashed a deep gouge in his wrist and had to be taken to Abbotsford Hospital. Any input on his condition would be appreciated. He will prolly need somebody to bring his KLR home from the show on Monday as I don't think he will be up for...
  18. Mad Max


    Here's a few folks I've met though DSBC over a couple yearsSorry I'm not so good at posting big pictures
  19. Mad Max

    Seal Savers vs Fork Boots

    OK , here's my question. I gotta get some fork boots or seal savers for my conventional forks(NOT USD). I have only ever had boots and don't know anybody with seal savers . What are the pros and cons of seal savers? In our southern coast mud and slop will they last? Why do they make short and...
  20. Mad Max

    Not Again!!!

    Driving home from Pt. Alberni this afternoon, I looked up and saw a Fresh,Light dusting of snow up top of Mt. Arrowsmith! Ride all your high ground NOW this is not a DRILL, Winter IS coming. Max