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    Sunday September 15.....Let's ride

    I haven't ridden for the past three months and I am itchin to get out again....anybody up for a ride at Tamahi, Church? Breakfast in Yarrow would also be in?
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    Father's Day ride - June 16

    I will be going for breakfast in Yarrow at the Vedder Mountain Grill for 8AM on Sunday June 16th and then riding at Church and Tamahi....anyone else care to join in? The Count
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    June 2 2013 Sunday ride till we drop....

    Sooooo, I've been out to Tamahi for the last two weekends riding with the kids and now this Sunday I am looking to ride a bit more than the kids are capable of at their age....not that it ain't fun with the kids but know..... I am thinking about breakfast at the Vedder Mountain...
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    Video of a recent ride

    Rode with the Church guys a couple of weeks ago and I brought along my video camera, it's been a while since I made a video and am learning a new software so hopefully they will get better as I go. Enjoy!!
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    Sunday September 30th

    Anyone up for some church on Sunday?? I wouldn't mind seeing some buffalo jump on a clear day :-)
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    haha....I'm not sure how much it will cost but...........
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    I made a video!!....

    We went for a ride in Squamish and I decided to make a video :D Take a look....:clap:
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    Let's ride.....Sunday January 30th

    It's been a while since I have been able to ride....selling the house, buying a new one, moving....takes away from the riding time....but now I'm ready to go!! Anyone else in.... I'm thinking Chilliwack on Sunday Morning...the weather looks good!!
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    Ride on Sunday Nov 21

    The weather looks clear this Sunday and I want to ride, anybody interested? I like Chilliwack but am not stuck on it. The Count
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    Saturday July 17 Church Mountian ***THE VIDEO***

    Fbomb, Mike O, Vexorg and I went for a ride last weekend. The ride was amazing as always but Vexorg was going beyond the call of duty to provide some cool footage. You will see what I am referring to at about 1:35 of the video. The Count
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    Big white bus

    The "real" moron is the one that fell over in the river
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    Riding dirty at Church "THE VIDEO"

    The ride was good and I managed to make a little video, check it out. The Count
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    Riding dirty at Church

    So I am planning on being at the Cultas Golf Club for breakfast at 9 AM on Sunday June 27th to go for a ride, anyone else interested? The Count
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    We made it over Church

    So on Saturday June 19th Zeddy and I went to Church Mountain for a ride. We were able to complete the loop over the top and although there is some snow left it's pretty passable except for one 30 - 40 foot section that required a little bit of pushing. By next weekend even the KLR's will be able...
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    Church on Sunday May 16th

    I am riding on Sunday May 16th at Church Mountain, all the usual trails.....big bikesbeware:shock: Anyone else in for breakfast at the golf course at 9AM? The Count
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    You have to be secure in your manhood to ride this.....

    Caught this pic on my way home from work last week and while I'm sure that it's nice to be protected somewhat from the rain, you can't help looking a little dorky (no offense Dorky). Kerry
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    December 27 - let's try out our new Christmas presents :-)

    So I am thinking thatSanta might bring me a couple of riding related gifts for Christmas and I can't think of a better time to try them out than on Sunday! The weather also promises to not suck. I am thinking the Church Mountain area but am open to any and all suggestions. Kerry
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    Is your bike ready for winter

    So I am out washing my truck today and I notice that the water is freezing on my driveway more quickly than I would have expected, after all I live in Surrey not Prince George! I decided to check the antifreeze in my bike radiator and it looks like I am good to -34 degrees.:tup: If it gets...
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    When you pump gas, remember to........

    The family and I were out for a boat ride on Cultas Lake and on our way back the Mrs. had to stop for a pee. We stopped at the Petro-Canada on Whatcom Road in Abbotsford and while I am waiting for her to come back to the truck there was a bit of a commotion, honking and such. I see the...
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    Suzuki....I think??

    So, I am driving home a couple of days ago and I see this bike. It looked a little different so I thought that I would snap a picture of it. It has the "S" on the tank which makes me think it's a Suzuki.