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    New DRZ Owner

    Just picked up this 2006 DRZ and wonder if there is anything vital that should be checked or changed? Any tricks to oil changes? It has the full Yosh muffler, header, cams, ignition goes like stink. :f: It has been jetted and seems to run good but I have not owned a drz before and I know some of...
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    Kamloops to Machette Lake the back way

    Hey guys, anyone done the back way from Kamloops to Machette Lake ( near Sheridan Lake )? I was just curious if anyone had a gps file for the route otherwise I will be creating one. Looks like a nice ride through..... :f:
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    2012 Loose Screw Discussion

    How is the planning coming? Similiar routes to last year? Missed last year and looking forward to this years! :clap:
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    640 adventure?

    Anybody know of someone with a 640 adventure for sale? Looking to buy anytime and have this bike as one of the few I am looking for. Thanks!!
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    Need some info & opinions

    Well I am thinking of selling my 2009 F650GS and am wondering if there would be any interest in her. It has continentals on it, touratech hand guards, tall windshield, aluminum skid plate, aluminum rad guards, touratech crash bars and 1,800 km's ( no scratches at all ). It does not really suit...
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    New BMW & new to BMW questions

    Hey Guys, I am new to BMW and just got this '09 f650gs twin. Is there anything that I should watch out for maintenance wise on it? Would you recommend synthetic oil for it? Any tricks and sensible mods that should be done? It has the continentals, tall screen, skid plate, rad guards and bush...
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    g4 trail boss

    Now I have my winter project ready to start.:clap: Found a 1976 G4TR100 Trail boss that is complete and running as a base. Also have a 1974 G4TR100 that is mostly complete but not running as a parts/organ donor. Going to tear it down and make new over the winter. This bike is intended for the...
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    Southwest Motorrad receivership

    If anybody has anything stored there or are owed money/parts from them they just went into receivership and locked the doors at 10am this am. :mad:
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    What kind of Husky do you have ?

    2007 WR250 Plated, hands down the best woods/technical bike I have ridden so far!
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    Revloc Dyna-Ring

    Anybody tried one of these? They look great and the price looks good so I think I will be picking up one in the next month as I suck and stall/loop out on big hills. Anybody know of dealers around BC?
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    New project 1974 100

    I found a nice little project to work on. Got the bike for free so that is a good start. Does anyone know what it is? I know it is a 1974 Kawasaki 100, I am thinking either a KE or a G4 trailboss but am not sure. Kinda looking forward to working on a bike as old as me! it is complete except for...
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    Painting plastics

    Has anyone had any luck painting the plastics on their bikes? I am hestitant as I don't want my bike to look like I rattle can sprayed it in my backyard during a dust storm. Can it be done where it looks stock and will not flake or peel? I am thinking of doing it this winter when I do a tear...
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    1991 DT200R

    Well I finally found my '90s dualsport. A 1991 DT200R with an original 3,500km's on her. I got it off the original owner, it still has original tires and not even boot marks on the frame. It runs like a top and sounds like a sewing machine but that can be rectified with a pipe. I was wondering...
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    New toy!!

    I have looked at these bikes for awhile now and finally went for it and picked one up. I am very impressed with it, fast, nimble and extremely light! Coming from a 550 Husaberg this bike feels alot smaller but more managable. I will be picking brains here about mods but have done the following...
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    1985 250 mxc before and after

    Here she is done up for now. A lot of hours went into it so far and I am sure there is a lot more to come but it runs great now. List of parts and maint as follows: - new seat - new carb - new triple trees - new reeds and carb boot - new brakes front & back - all bearing checked and...
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    cracked fork mount

    How do you like this? Some good airtime would have yielded some painful results! The other side was cracked as well but had a really bad aluminum weld on it. New triple tree is now installed and she is getting close to going. I saw the cold weld on the bike before I bought it and took a gamble...
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    How much oil?

    Hello all, I am wondering if anyone knows how much oil to put in my 1985 Ktm 250MXC? I know that Dextron is the oil to use but am not sure how much it takes. Thanks!!
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    1985 mxc250

    I finally found the project I was looking for. 1985 KTM mxc 250. Rads are mint, inverted forks are mint and everything works. It also goes like a raped ape. I have a new seat coming for it and the rest is in excellent shape. I will need to pick some brains here for some info as I am a KTM newbie.
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    How to unload a KLR

    This guy is an animal.......... :spl:
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    where to find a rack..

    Hello all, I am looking for a small rack for my 2007 FE550. Does anyone know if the one for the KTM will work? I have looked around quite a bit but can't find one, any ideas?. I need to store my tent somewhere this summer. :D