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    Cool KTM Video

    This has some pretty good riding in it!
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    Riding Dirt Bikes in Baja Mexico?

    I found this on KTM Talk. Very funny!
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    Went to see Skyfall last night. Great movie with an awesome dual sport chase in the opening scene!
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    I can't upload pictures. HELP

    +1 on that. It couldn't be easier with Photobucket.
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    Whipsaw Trail - Saturday August 11

    Farp, chico and myself are going to ride the Whipsaw Trail on Saturday, August 11. The plan is to meet at the Britton Creek Rest Area at 9am and ride out from there. None of us have done this ride before, but our understanding is that there are a few B sections and that it is NOT a good ride...
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    Wolfsnout Dust Mask

    After one too many dusty rides and coming back feeling kinda sick, I decided to do some searching to see if there were any dust masks available specifically for off road riding. I found these: and after a bit of research, I decided I wanted to try one. I called Gnarly...
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    Sunday July 15 - Alexandria Bridge Park and Beyond.

    The photo is reasonable if you click on the thumbnail to enlarge it. Here is a map (click to enlarge):
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    Harrison West & Beyond - Sunday, May 27

    What a great day of riding with a great crew! Here are a few pics of our destination, Glacier Lake. I would have liked to have seen the dust sandwich!
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    Harrison West & Beyond - Sunday, May 27

    The plan is to meet at the Weaver Creek Spawing Channels between 10 and 10:30 for a ride up the Harrison West FSR. Plan "A" is to explore around Glacier Lake. If that is snowed in or not accessible for some reason, Plan "B" is to either ride to the St. Agnes hot springs or just do some exploring...
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    Harison east. This sunday May 13, 2012

    What a fantastic day of riding! A big thanks to Scott for posting it. :clap: Here's a couple of pictures near the avalanche/slide that stopped us near the Clear Creek Hot Springs: Glad you were OK Veronica. That could have been so much worse. You are tough!
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    Silver Skagit Road to Ross Lake, Sunday May 13

    The plan is to meet at Ranchers Restaurant at Bridal Falls at 10am for breakfast, then ride (or truck) your bike to Silver Skagit Road for a very easy ride to Ross Lake. To get to Silver Skagit Road, take Exit 168 off the Trans Canada Highway just before Hope. I think there are a number of...
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    Who says Harrison West is just a boring old FSR?

    Last weekend Farp, McNutt and I decided to do some exploring off of the Harrison West FSR. The following is a video of the highlights (and lowlights for me) of our ride. The video starts out with a detour near Weaver Lake. Those that did the infamous Pemberton Ride in May will be familiar...
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    Harrison East - Garnet Creek Sunday, August 14

    The Garnet Creek FSR runs from the Lougheed Highway near Ruby Creek and joins up with the Harrison East FSR near Silver River. Last summer we discovered that the Garnet Creek FSR was blocked by a major washout approximately 15km from Ruby Creek. Farp and I are planning to ride from the...
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    Whipsaw - Who Knows The Route?

    A couple of us would like to ride the Whipsaw before the end of the season. Does anyone know the exact route and how long it takes? In looking at the Backroad Map Book, it's not clear to me what the route is. Thanks.
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    Out of Control!

    I'm no road riding expert, but this guy appears to be both out of control and riding way beyond his ability. Pretty spectacular crash. Apparently, he was wedged in pretty good. Lucky to get away with only a broken leg.
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    Something to do with that old bike you don't want anymore

    Check out the video at the end of this article:
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    All the KTM EXC riders will like this!
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    Has anybody been riding around Ashcroft recently? Just wondering what the snow situation is like in that area. Thanks.
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    The Latest Crash-Cam Technology

    This is for the person that has everything. Instead of stickers, perhaps we can get some 3D glasses with our Trailpass next year! :cool: Imagine how gnarly that guy with the stick in his face would have looked in 3D...
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    A New Speaker For The Next Flat Tire Social

    Perhaps we should have this guy showing us how to fix our bikes. If this were my video, I definitely would have added some banjo music.