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    Megs Braap Riding Clinic in Terrace, June 30, July 8, Hazelton/Suskwa July 15

    Through Traction E-Rag and Terrace Motocross Association we are doing 3 Offroad riding schools/clinics for Northern riders Hosted by Megan Griffith June 30 and July 8 will be in Terrace and July 15 South of Hazelton in the Suskwa. If those dates do not work for you, one can assemble a group of...
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    Thursday eve Trail Rides in Terrace

    Every Thursday weather permitting will be doing trail rides utilizing the single track trails in the area....about nearing 20km of awesome trail Will be meeting at the Motocross Track likely at 6pm and hitting the trails right from there All welcome to join in
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    Anyyone Riding

    Just had to move that Merry Christmas thread down the page........... So anyone riding Terrace area....Gawd love the no snow conditions Plating up Monday morning and rippin some DS. :clap:
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    2012 ride season is under way

    So what if there is snow ......traction is as good as muddy dirt on the packed trails so that = major smile factor. Cob webs are freeze dried for another winter ...lets ride.:clap:
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    Survey says....Pay to Play ORV park

    Trent University Study/Survey copy and paste "The purpose of this survey is to assess the potential market for a pay-to-play off-highway vehicle network/park in the Highlands East region in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada. This survey is being conducted by two (2) fourth (4th) year Trent...
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    Fox Racing Canada Warehouse Sale

    Want to do some early Xmas shopping....some mighty fine deals :clap:as they clear out the warehouse as operations are moving to Calgary via Fox racing usa
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    Ready for winter

    :p Yesterdays ride err warm up to what will come:D
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    A freebie Canadian publication done by volunteers and a Ottawa area club:clap: one can sign up to receive it monthly if you want this in your email inbox every month, email at: [email protected] and put SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.
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    Hazelton BC makes the news

    bchunter put me onto this news story on The National Wed eve. Guess I am doomed to a life of poverty:f: ...housing is darn cheap though....:clap: ....mountains are impressive ...riding is darn good ...and...
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    Bad Bubba

    So James Stewart has got himself in a little bit of a predicament pretending to be a Florida State patrol officer......oh the fun/entertainment just keeps on going:D be interesting to hear his story now and why he done:f:
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    Helmet Standard

    Hummm just reading a piece in ADV and it seems in BC ones Helmet must be CSA certified or it is illegal. Guess I better :f: and find me a beecycle helmet :cool: soon.
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    Sun is out

    :clap: :clap: time to go for a ride..................:f: :) trials free riding anyone................
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    Misc 2010 NW rides - stories and photos

    A little 100km tour with bc from Haze to Kitwanga and back today :clap: The weather just does not get any better :cool:
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    Planning the 2010 Telkwa Pass Trip

    Trappers, Kincolith, Hazelton
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    I'm here

    I'm in the Hazelton's right now. Got in last night. Let the adventure begin. Incredible views so far. Jim email me about riding Monday. I have the time :)) WOW One thing I'm not impressed with the yellow head Hwy errrr rut. I think they are preserving the wagon wheel rut. Bugger to drive...
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    Telkwa Pass 2 Day Trail Ride

    Thought I should post this in here so as to further peek everyone's curiosity about this new ride in the wonders of North BC The ride details/planning are being logged here in the NNW section. So check in, follow along and we...
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    Pat Smage's uncrating the 010 Sherco plus a whole lot more vid on his channel :clap: :hb:
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    So my '07 Sherco got a Christmas present Put it in yesterday for a test ride and wow and that is only in my Indoor set up for those that have not seen Wish the old shock blew up or in this case broke in half sooner:P Well worth the upgrade if you...
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    Motor Mouth

    This is bad:clap: :D:D