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    Starbucks/Chapters Mid Island Meeting

    Starbucks is now closed to indoor seating due to coronavirus . There will be no Thursday meetings until they open up again
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    Large Tariffs on Euro Bikes

    Urge your federal lawmakers to oppose the Office of United States Trade Representative's proposal to include 100 percent tariffs on motorcycles imported from the European Union with an engine size between 51cc and 500cc in the E.U. - U.S. beef hormone trade dispute. Use the American...
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    KEEP THE GATES OPEN!! its everyones land to enjoy Please sign this
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    Don Hatton racing the Baja today

    Follow his progress Enjoy Frank GOOD LUCK DON!!!!!!!
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    KTM recall 2016 Four-Stroke Enduro & Freeride Models
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    Ride Report Sept 7 2015

    Got out with Mad Max / g450x & kidagin today Great ride until Rick (g450x) broke this leg We had two inreach communicators Max and I went for help while Kidagin stayed with Rick We found Bill Lougheed who works in the area He used his sat phone to call for help. I sent an inreach message to...
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    Yamaha recalls 12,000 WR250's

    Not sure if this affects Canadian bikes??
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    Squamish Motorcycle Festival - Friday July 3rd event

    Anyone going to Don's talk Friday night? I attended his talk in Duncan a few years back and found it very interesting and well worth attending All proceeds from this go to the local high school shop class Frank Don Hatton will have a slide show and talk on all his rally adventures. Don has...
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    RCMP need Help

    Nanaimo RCMP hope the public can help identify a man suspected of stealing cash from a campground and a dirt bike from Harewood. Shows a yellow DRZ Supermoto
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    Search for the Avro Anson Crash Sun Apr 26th

    We are going to go to the crash site of the Avro Anson that crashed near Port Refrew Sunday April 26th Meet at 8:00AM on the corner of Nanaimo River Rd and South Forks Rd We will be coming down Gordon main It will take us about 2hrs to...
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    Search for the Avro Anson Crash Sun Apr 19th

    We are going to go to the crash site of the Avro Anson that crashed near Port Refrew Sunday April 19th Meet at 9:00AM on the corner of Nanaimo River Rd and South Forks Rd...
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    Mad Max's new friend

    Got out for a ride with Max today He found a new friend We also went to a few cabin located near Extension in South Nanaimo
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    Memorial Ride for ktm..500 Sunday March 22nd

    Mid-Island guys are planning to ride up to Mark's Memorial site Here is the plan - Check back for up dates Nanaimo guys will meet at Starbucks/Chapters Woodgrove mall @ 9:00 AM Parksville guys will meet at Serious Coffee in Parksville @ 9:30 AM We plan to light a fire and have some food...
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    Wiskey Creek Work Party March 7th & 8th

    Posted on Facebook by Kaos First march weekend is going to be a work party at Whiskey Creek. We have the green light to build a kid friendly area , and widen out some trail to make a mini moto style area.So far I have a couple bobcats "reserved" and am looking for one or two mini excavators or...
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    Baja Sideshow night Jan 22nd

    We will be hosting a slideshow night Thursday Jan 22nd of our trip to Baja This will take place at the Nanaimo Flying Club @ 7:00PM Bring snacks if you wish Please let me know if you are coming The club is on the airfield and you will have to get thru a locked gate This is on open invitation...
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    Motorcyle Safety Video

    Very well made
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    Spunky's Annual Sale Sat Jan 10th & Tues Jan 13th

    SATURDAY, JAN 10th & TUESDAY, JAN 13th PARTS DEPT: *35% OFF ALL TIRES - In-stock or order-in *25-75% OFF ENTIRE ACCRESSORIES/PARTS DEPT *25% OFF OEM KAWASAKI, KTM, YAMAHA PARTS *UP TO 60% OFF APPAREL, HELMETS, BOOTS & GLOVES E-mail, fax or call your orders if you can't make it in...
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    Baja Here We Come

    Heading down to Baja for two weeks tonight with Mad Max & Sebastian101 Meeting Karlsbad and his budy
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    Ride Report Nov 1 2014

    Max and i got out today Nanaimo - Timberlands - Cabin (Holland Lake) - Holyoak Lake - Copper Canyon - Nanaimo 140km What a great day!!!! Cabin above Holland Lake Outhouse Looking down at Holland Lake If you look closely you can see Runway 34 at Nanaimo Airport Its at the base of the second...
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    In search of the Natural Bridge

    Max & went up to Nanaimo lakes looking for the Natural Bridge again Still no luck Found these cool falls Very steep climb - bikes are way down at the bottom Looking across the valley Green mountain is just right of the picture