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    Gold Bridge to Gang Ranch

    I think I found a new big bike friendly route from gold bridge into the cariboo. This would avoid the quad track by mud lake or steep hill at swartz. Head up relay creek and start up Dash plateau about 1km up there is a right turnoff (Purple track)with a bunch of hunter camps. Take that for...
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    Gold Bridge to Gang Ranch

    Was at mud a few days ago and it is currently not flooded. I am pretty sure there is a by pass route anyways now but we didn't check it out as w were good to go. We went up the quad track so don't know what swartz was like
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    HELP: My husband has dementia and his bike went down and he needs help - JULY 7, 2020

    Hope he makes it home now. How did your husband get into Canada?
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    HELP: My husband has dementia and his bike went down and he needs help - JULY 7, 2020

    Hi Paine, your post says he is 6' 5" but a pic of his license says 5' 5" you should edit your post. Good luck in finding him
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    Mud lakes area

    Was up riding from Gun lake this weekend. Did an easy ride east of Bralorne on Saturday and on sunday did a loop up to Quartz, Poison, Lone valley cabin coming out mud lakes. Only saw one group of two riders. Churn creek was high but passable ( crossed it higher before) Mud lake must be dammed...
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    North of Pemberton

    For anyone planning to ride up here the Hurley is open but the highline is closed due to aforest fire at anderson lake
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    North of Anahim lake

    Heading up to Prince Rupert with my camper and bike. Are there any roads between Anahim Lake and Huston that go through and would be camper friendly?
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    Smoke free area

    It's too smoky in Pemberton and I need to get out. Any spots in BC that are smoke free?
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    Campbell river riding

    I am going to be camping in around campbell lake next week. Are there any trails that go up into the alpine or tops of ridges?
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    Campbell lake

    Heading to the island next week with some camping around campbell lake. Are there some good 2-3 hr rides that I get up high on. My wife will sticking at the camper so don't want to be gone to long.
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    Missing Squamish man

    This guy who has been known to check out FSR is missing. If you are out riding keep an eye out for his truck. Check any spots where the road edge has a fresh cut or knocked down foliage Still looking for Nile... thanks to absolutely everyone who have been supporting us and out on the roads (...
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    No gas in goldbridge for a while

    A power outage blew something at the cool creek card lock. If you are heading up there and would need gas you should check with cool creek.
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    Hurley now open!

    The plowing on the hurley has been finished and is now open for your riding pleasure Sent from my SM-G900W8 using Tapatalk
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    Hwy 99 closed 10 miles north of Lillooet

    The road is slowly slumping into the Fraser. Check DriveBC for updates. Could be a while before it is re-opened
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    Gran Fondo next saturday ( Sept 10) on Sea to Sky

    Probably not a good time to plan a ride through Whistler or Pemberton
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    Pemberton Meadows rd Closed Aug 21 between 10 and 2PM

    Anyone planning to ride the Hurley next Sunday pay attention to this road closure for the Slow Food Cycle.
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    Fairless cabin

    Anyone have any info about Fairless cabin. Read one mention of it on a 4X4 forum but that's all. It is west of of Blackdome.
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    Gold bridge out of gas

    Cool creek card lock in Goldbridge is out of gas and not sure when they will receive more Plan accordingly
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    4 days up at Gun Lake

    Just got back from riding around the Gun lake area for 4 days. First day was to china head and back with a side trip to Swan lake. We rode through the beaver pond. 2nd day took it easier and rode to the back end of Downton and up to the MacParlon bridge wash out and side trip up Green...
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    Whistler /Pemberton road closures today (july 24)

    Ironman is on and roads are closed till 4:30PM. Hope nobody made plans to ride up here today.