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  1. KTM-500

    West Harrison Bridge Washout

    Couldn't find anything online as of late to the condition of the bridge washed out at the 55km mark of the West Harrison so my wife and I rode out on the 1190R to see first hand. No need to think of using the new ride around and access the old bridge to carry on as the bridge is completely...
  2. KTM-500

    June 17 & 18 Adventure Ride.

    Anyone interested in riding June 17 & 18, thinking about riding west Harrison, High line FSR to Seaton, camp near Gold Bridge Saturday night, Hurley pass back home Sunday.Also open to any other route, suggestions. Cheers,LAH
  3. KTM-500

    Scorpion Yukon Jacket & Pants Review

    Looking for anyone's review on the following Scorpions Yukon adventure jacket and pants or just your objective opinion. Thanks in advance.
  4. KTM-500

    Riding videos

    "CHASING ADVENTURE - BLAZIN THROUGH BAJA" is well worth the watch, a few times. Thanks for posting.
  5. KTM-500

    3 day ride from the Loops to Braelorne and back 2015 (fixed links)

    No argument from me or my buddies cactusreid, I'm glad you hooked us up last year so we could meet down at Kiki's
  6. KTM-500

    3 day ride from the Loops to Braelorne and back 2015 (fixed links)

    Agree that Shaun is such a strong rider....he was a bull earlier this year in Baja and one of the best guys to guide you around.
  7. KTM-500

    Parish Hill

    Question for the DSBC group in regards to Perish Hill. Myself and friend are looking to ride Perish Hill tomorrow (anyone interested in joining us ?)but not sure if the trail is passable? Also I've only rode his once in the past, is there a GPS log out there anyone is willing to forward. Thanks...
  8. KTM-500

    Baja Winter Ride 2015/2016

    Throwing out the idea of trailering bikes down to southern California and riding across the boarder down through the Baja from the dates Dec. 27th, returning Jan 10th, dates are flexible within a couple days. Looking at putting a small group together who might be interested in exploring the...