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  1. ejfranz

    Bridgestone TW tires for sale

    Rear Trail Wing 152 150/70 R17 radial (Fortnine price $162) Front Trail Wing 101 110/80 R19 radial (Fortnine price $160) Tires have 1000 km on them and the are off my Vstrom Asking $200
  2. ejfranz

    McNutt Riding

    For those of you who ride McNutt, BMMC would like everyone to not ride the trails until after this storm system has passed and the mountain has had a chance to shed some of the water.
  3. ejfranz

    Backpack Frames

    Picked up the backpack, where, when, how do you want this delivered?
  4. ejfranz

    BMW GS1200R 2009 for sale by owner

    Reza, what are you asking? Are you thinking KTM?
  5. ejfranz

    Harrison West to Chehalis via Mystery Creek

    We (Adam and I) did Harrison West and Mystery creek to North Chehalis and back with a few side trips on Friday Francis lake, Ten Mile bay and Hale Creek. From Francis lake junction d Back down to the Main FSR there are numerous water bars. Big bikes need to be aware.
  6. ejfranz

    Northward ho! Getting squishy in Squamish, and beyond...

    But your rear tire only has knobs on the sides.
  7. ejfranz

    Looking for riding buddies in the fraser valley

    cabinfever, do you which day? as bitingdog would most likely want to join in on a Squamish ride.
  8. ejfranz

    Looking for riding buddies in the fraser valley

    Not heading out of town now.
  9. ejfranz

    Looking for riding buddies in the fraser valley

    I’m heading out of town for a while. Should be back by the 24th if you want to do some exploring.
  10. ejfranz

    Looking for riding buddies in the fraser valley

    Have you done the roads on either sides of Stave lake? Have you been up the Chehalis lake area or the Harrison lake east or west? I am in Maple Ridge if you want a tour of those areas. Also retired so have some free time. Riding either my VStrom 650 or DT200. Depending on the days, I might be...
  11. ejfranz

    Backpack Frames

    I believe I can get you one. It is at my parents place in Penticton.
  12. ejfranz

    Dirt bike hitch carrier

    Also have the steel Princess Auto one and it has lasted 10 of thousands of kilometres carrying a WR250r or XT225 or TW200 or DT200.
  13. ejfranz

    Long Time Road Rider Thinking of Dual Sport Riding

    14 is the largest that fits, 13 is stock. 12 is fine if you have proper chain slack. 38000 km on mine with no swing arm damage. Maybe if you ran a 12 with the stock 43 rear this could happen. I have always had a 48 or 50 on the rear.
  14. ejfranz

    Long Time Road Rider Thinking of Dual Sport Riding

    Sikorsky, the cheapest way to get better performance out of the WR250r is to change the the sprockets. With 12-48 gearing I have had it up to 120 kmph gps. You can not over rev the bike. It wants to be in the higher rpm range. With 13-50 gearing it will still pull 70 mph gps. I also bought the...
  15. ejfranz

    Long Time Road Rider Thinking of Dual Sport Riding

    A stock WR250r is too called geared, even for road riding. Change the back sprocket to at lest a 46. I went with a 48 and then a 50, but also had a 12, 13 and 14 for the front. 12-50 will allow you to ride almost very thing at McNutt (except the red diamond trail) without having to slip the...
  16. ejfranz

    Are the Tamihi Trails open?

    I see that Blue Mountain is closed and I know the forests are supposed to be open on the coast for recreational use. Could someone confirm that Tamihi is open as a group of us would like to ride out there on Saturday August 9. Thanks
  17. ejfranz

    WR250R Stator Recall

    I had the stator replaced today and over 1/2 the coils were toast. Never noticed any issues with the bike. So if you have been wondering whether you should have it done - yes it will fail at some point. I have ~ 22000 km on the bike.
  18. ejfranz

    Another use for the BMW

    This was posted on the TW form, but may give you guys that mountain bike and ride BMWs a new activity.
  19. ejfranz

    Riding around Smithers

    Hi, I am hoping to get a ride in - a guide to the area would be great. I am currently in Valdez AK and starting to make our way home. I have limited access to the Internet as we usually stay in state parks or Non RV parking lots. We are planning to visit a friend in Smithers between Aug 15 and...
  20. ejfranz

    Trail Markers

    Is there a resource that indicates what the difficulty is for trails? I know Blue Square - moderate Black Diamond - Difficult Double Black Diamond - most Difficult But what is a double red diamond? I was riding around the trails at Mc Nutt and came across a double red diamond - "extremely...