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  1. lagbc

    Emergency Location & Communication Devices

    I guess it's done to encourage more users to use Annual plans (guaranteed revenue), as it makes sense to have Freedom plan only if you use device less than 6 months a year, and then barely. Here is how much it would cost if use Annual plan - 1st year and every year after: Month 1st year Next...
  2. lagbc

    Emergency Location & Communication Devices

    Yeah, looks like it's free now to change plan on Annuals plans which it wasn't before (not sure when that changed - can't find), but they have raised prices by 50% this year for Freedom plan annual fee as well as activation fee for Annual plans. Current: Old (Nov-2020)
  3. lagbc

    Emergency Location & Communication Devices

    Cheapest inReach plan is under $15 + tax ($16.75) and will probably suite most of riders that want to use it for safety. More info on their website:
  4. lagbc

    Riding videos

    In September 2018, three friends, who are experienced novice riders, trucked our bikes down to Colorado and did Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route (COBDR) as well as our take on Utah Backcountry Discovery Route (UTBDR) including Lockhart Basin North to South. It was chilly in mountains and hot...
  5. lagbc

    WANTED - KTM 640 Adventure

    One of the members just posted one for sale on Facebook:
  6. lagbc

    cross posting to the other world. F***book!

    You would have to manually copy URL and paste it to FB to share. There is no automation.
  7. lagbc

    Nomad ADV

    Just wanted this to be out there, as I missed initial post... I bought a rear rack for KTM 350. It took countless emails and 4 months of waiting to get the product and at the end it broke in less than two rides because rack supports are made from aluminum, yes they might be 100g lighter, but...
  8. lagbc

    Weekend trip to Willy's Puddle and back.

    Sorry to disappoint you all, as there seem to be a rotation on the ferry crew (anger management courses?! lol), but the guy is still there, saw him two weekends ago. ;) Great report nonetheless, as always :)
  9. lagbc

    The Adventure Bike Gathering!

    I am still debating whatever I should depart tomorrow after work or not. Not sure if my knee wants me to put more stress on it or not. Bike is ready though. :) Enjoy event regardless and have fun! ;)
  10. lagbc

    Vancouver rider returning to the dirt after a long sabbatical

    Welcome to DualSportBC, you choose a great bike, there are quite a few of DSBC members riding them!
  11. lagbc

    Does anybody have a KTM 690 Enduro R?

    @PercivalSludge is selling his 690 as he is looking at moving to AT or similar bike:
  12. lagbc

    For you dirt bike guys here on DSBC

    For those who missed last time, here is another chance:
  13. lagbc

    Server maintenance on Thursday, August 13, 2020

    Glad to hear that! Cloudflare has been in use since mid-May for the Forum. It was (is) helping a bit, ~10% of traffic is cached, but remaining 90% of traffic were still served by slow (overloaded) back-end that would fail to send information (pictures) over to clients.
  14. lagbc

    Server maintenance on Thursday, August 13, 2020

    That's what we are hoping for, also that it serves all the content, i.e. old hosting provider had their servers so overloaded that topics with lots of pics wouldn't load quite a few. Old Hosting company: +28 errors - meaning ~28 pics didn't load New hosting company: all pics loaded, no...
  15. lagbc

    Server maintenance on Thursday, August 13, 2020

    Forum maintenance completed. Please let us know if you notice any issues.
  16. lagbc

    Server maintenance on Thursday, August 13, 2020

    Forum will be down for maintenance on Thursday, August 13, 2020 from 7:30AM to 3PM PST. DualSportBC are moving to a new hosting provider (Canadian!) as we have seen slow performance and quite few problems with loading posts that have many images. This should help to resolve this issue. We...
  17. lagbc

    Anybody from Smithers, BC here?

    Would love to chat about life up there.
  18. lagbc

    east harrison up and thru Kookoopi to boston bar 2020. anyone thru yet?

    East Harrison is just an FSR, Kookipi on the other hand will have some rocky sections and water bars (?!), this video should give idea more or less. Challenging is very relative term and you can always turn around if you feel like it's not something you want to tackle and relax by Harrison Lake...
  19. lagbc

    10, 9, then 8 riders on a really big loop in July.

    Nice report!!! Also today I learned from you there is gas station at Dog Creek (Canoe Creek Co-Op). Thank you! This would have made our trip so much easier few years ago, as we had to go out to Clinton from the Bridge - didn't have enough range to get back to Lillooet...
  20. lagbc

    Parish Hill double Sat rwr & Sun RRR July 25 - 26

    Are you planning on doing Run for the border anytime soon?