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  1. lagbc

    Server maintenance on Thursday, August 13, 2020

    Forum will be down for maintenance on Thursday, August 13, 2020 from 7:30AM to 3PM PST. DualSportBC are moving to a new hosting provider (Canadian!) as we have seen slow performance and quite few problems with loading posts that have many images. This should help to resolve this issue. We...
  2. lagbc

    Anybody from Smithers, BC here?

    Would love to chat about life up there.
  3. lagbc

    If you own EXC-F or FE you should read this

    There are things that are worth keeping record of, I think this is one of them. Mike Spurgin from Taco Moto has combined a great list of things that are popular to do on these bikes - KTM EXC-F and Husky FE (white KTM's). I find that there is a lot of bro science online, and there are some...
  4. lagbc

    Garmin Basecam detail at lower zoom levels

    Posted this initially on Facebook DSBC group and there seems to be a far bit of people who benefit from this and as we know Facebook group posts come and go, forums generally tend to have longer lifespan (better search-ability). Anyhow for those who use Garmin Basecamp, and have struggled like...
  5. lagbc

    Welcome to new DualSportBC Forum!

    We hope you will enjoy this new platform and find it easy to use! That said, we know that there will be few things that come up. Because of that we are really looking for your feedback on things that work, don't work and where we could potentially improve. Thank you to everyone who already...
  6. lagbc

    7th Annual Flying Monkey Adventure Rally

    7th Annual Flying Monkey Adventure Rally, October 5th – 8th 2017 - Zion, UT Anybody going?
  7. lagbc

    Bungie Buddies Motorcycle Tie Downs

    Any ideas where I could buy something like this locally around Vancouver? Want to install couple anchor points.
  8. lagbc

    VIDEO - KTM690 & KLR650 Vedder Mountain Chilliwack BC

    My friend put together a little video from our weekend ride in Vedder Mtn area. Hope you enjoy it. Video URL: Map:
  9. lagbc

    Boots, Hemlets etc in Vancouver

    Hello Riders, I am new to the dual sport world and don't know much about - who sells what and how fair the prices are, so my question would be - who is the best retailer in Metro Vancouver - for buying things like helmets, boots, riding gear? Thank you! Happy trails! :)