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  1. gryphon51

    Why Do I Have To Have A BCORMA Trail Pass For The NuBee Ride?

    Got My BCORMA pass in the mail for 2012...came with a childs pass for a youngsters helmet as well....sweet!! Small Price to pay for the quality of trail I enjoyed at the Fall newby ride. When you buy the bronze pass (for plated and insured bikes) you will see the value the first time you ride...
  2. gryphon51

    New Scorpion Racing Skidplates for VSTROMS

    At the risk of sounding spamlike.... Motorcycle World, DSBC supporter is now carrying skidplates for the DL 650 and 1000 from Scorpion Racing out of Chilliwack..... these are first rate items, made right here in BC... I am a very happy off roader now :)
  3. gryphon51

    Show off your ride !

    Harrison FSR Washout... on the way to Pemberton from the bottom end... In the big empty between the Coq and Hwy 1.... looking for a path through :)
  4. gryphon51

    Sloquet Hotsprings

    I rode the Harrison FSR to Lillioet E and right through to Pemberton yesterday, the washout was a peice of cake, there were a few other areas that were very challenging for a VStrom 1000 mostly involving loose rock on steeper grades..... my bike has a stock trail wing on the back :) It can be...