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  1. r_jackson

    Broke a spolk

    But that won't stop me from riding tomorrow. Heading out to Tamihi, or maybe Vedder. Just looking around for someone to ride with. Who else is heading out for a rip tomorrow?
  2. r_jackson

    Who's Riding Sunday Feb 6th?

    Looking to get out tomorrow. I'm based at Cultus Lake and the good trails to Tamihi start right here. Not as familiar with Vedder, but would enjoy riding there with someone who knows their way around.
  3. r_jackson

    Tamihi or Vedder Sunday Jan 17?

    I'm up for either one!
  4. r_jackson

    Holy tits

    It looks like a nice day for ride, anyone heading out at Tamihi or Vedder today?
  5. r_jackson

    Beta Swingarm bearings

    Kind of a longshot, but does anyone know what the swingarm bearings and seals for a Beta 450 are? I have the Beta part number and size, but can't covert them on the usual bearing sites.
  6. r_jackson

    Round the world Chilliwack Valley Ride.

    I'm planning a ride tomorrow. A true dual sport ride. I was hoping to go from home in Cultus Lake to Tamihi, up Borden Hill, down the Borden Cr. Trail, across to Chipmunk (here lies the problem) and over the Bridal Falls trail, through Rosedale with a stop at Gill rd, back side of Chilliwack...
  7. r_jackson

    After work rides

    Is there any interest in after work rides around Chilliwack? Maybe a couple hours up Vedder or Tamihi one or two nights a week?
  8. r_jackson

    TDR 250 owners?

    I just bought a TDR 250, the same bike I learned to ride on 15 years ago. Any one else on here own one? It needs some work, a parts bike would be really nice if someone has a basket case they want to let go. It had a piston let go and it beat up the cylinder pretty bad and has a few cracked body...
  9. r_jackson

    Nov 2 Anyone riding? Tamahi or Vedder?

    Looks like a nice morning, Anyone going out?
  10. r_jackson

    Baja winter trip

    Anyone else planning a trip to Baja? Our group looks like it has three riders so far. Planning to drive down mid December with trucks and campers and do day rides from various wherever we are. La Paz for new years is also in the plans. We've done this trip on bikes loaded with gear before, now...
  11. r_jackson

    Vedder Map

    I just found this: It looks more mountain bike oriented but I think some are shared, I hope I can download it and use it on the go. It looks like a lot of trails are missing, but I think in time it will be updated.
  12. r_jackson

    Thurs 29th afternoon ride

    Anyone up for a ride tomorrow? I'm close to Tamahi or Vedder, but am still learning my way around. EDIT: Friday after lunch ride instead
  13. r_jackson

    April 3rd Thursday Ride

    I regretfully couldn't make it out to the spring nubie ride. It seems like most of my weekends have other plans. But I'm thinking of doing a ride on Thursday. I'm in Cultus Lake. I'd enjoy going out and seeing the trails at either Tamahi or Vedder with someone who know their way around better...
  14. r_jackson

    93 Yamaha DT 50

    I'm looking for a bike for my wife to learn on and think I found the perfect bike. A 93 Yamaha DT 50. I just can't find any specs on the bike. Has anyone on here ever owned one and what did you think of it? Curious what kind of speed it would get up to on the road. I can't go look at the bike...
  15. r_jackson

    Sunshine Coast Ride Oct 13

    Just throwing it our there, I'll be riding. Anyone wanting to ride with me let me know. No real plan on where or how hard, but I ride a Beta 450 usually a mix of logging roads and technical single track stuff around the north end of the coast. Could meet up in Roberts Creek if some lower...
  16. r_jackson

    Alpinestar repair

    Where can a guy get a new boot buckle and have it installed for Tech3 boots that aren't even a year old?
  17. r_jackson

    Trials tire or knobbies

    I hear a lot of guys are trying trials tires on their bikes. I'm thinking of trying one too, but I'm wondering how the guys using them like em so far. I ride pretty aggressively in the dirt, usually steep, slippery rocks, wet roots, and packed, washed out old road. I like to pull wheelies on the...
  18. r_jackson

    Baja III

    Well after resigning myself to the fact that I wouldn't be going to Baja this winter things changed! I quit my job, bought a trailer and am getting ready to go play in the Mexican sand again this winter. I'm crossing my finger that the big fuel tank I ordered for the 2012 Rutledge run show up...
  19. r_jackson

    Port Mellon to Sqaumish

    Ok, probably not to Sqaumish, but I got your attention...Me and a buddy are going to attempt to ride over the pipeline from Port Mellon to Mcnab Creek. Might be the last chance to get over the hill before the snow starts again. Anyone interested should give me a call and plan to be on the 9:30...
  20. r_jackson

    Sunshine Coast ride Sept 8th

    Postponed, other things came up.