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  1. North

    Battle Royale! Post up yer epic head to head bike comparisons here!

    Good to know, as I was wondering if I should have got 790 instead of a 1090.
  2. North

    2018 1090 Adventure r

    Just put a deposit down on 1090 Adventure r, as I have been lusting for a big KTM. Anyways if anyone knows of any must-do-mods. Please let me know. Thanks Rick
  3. North

    Local Area for Newbie Riding.

    I have a Nephew in his mid 20's who wants to go riding on Monday Aug 3. He is a Newbie with a kawi dirt bike, no insurance. I guess it's a 450, but who knows. He's a young strong guy. So I was wondering what would be a good local area to take him to. He lives in Abbotsford and will be trucking...
  4. North

    Hand Air pump for the Motorcycle.

    I ended up getting a Cannodale pump.
  5. North

    Wolfsnout dust mask

    Does anybody know if any of our Sponsors stock the Wolfsnout off road dust mask? Thanks Rick
  6. North

    2009 KLX Valve Cover Gasket replacement

    I am going to replace the valve cover gasket on my Daughter's 250 KLX. So I was wondering if there is anything I should know and what is a good gasket goo to use? I have a tube of Permatex 2 form a gasket sealant. Thanks Rick
  7. North

    Handlebar Muffs

    I just ordered some Oxford BoneDry Handlebar Muffs. I hope they fit my 1200, etc. I did asked if they would fit first. It is getting a tad cold now. I will post pictures when I get them and mount them.
  8. North

    Front Shock Air Bleeders

    So, are they just bling? Does that much air really build up? What happens if you never bleed them, leaks, stiff shocks, or nothing at all? Just found this, is it all true? Air Bleeder 3 Rules You Need To Know Never push the air bleeder...
  9. North

    2008 610 Throtle Cable

    Well, I put in a new throtte cable on my 610. All went well until I put the two cable casing halves together on the handle bars. The hand grip does not spring back when it is turned and it is hard to turn. I lubed the cable before I put it on. It seems to work okay until the final step. Thanks...
  10. North

    Throttle cable broke

    Well, that was brutal . While riding out to the Newbie / Social Dual-sport ride. My throttle cable broke between Abbotsford and Chilliwack on the back-roads. I was able to get back home to Surrey by using the choke and riding in the Bicycle lane a lot. It was better that this happened on the...
  11. North

    No rides on Oct 12?

    :( I don't anything posted, Dual-sport wise for the lower mainland on this Sunday October 12th. Oh well, maybe I will go for a street ride on the 1200 then. At least next week is the Doobie ride. :clap:
  12. North

    Lithium Battery for my 1200GS

    I just put a Lithium Battery in my 1200. I know about the cold thing with Lithium's, but my non-Lithium batteries loose cranking power in the cold too. Anyways, time will tell.
  13. North

    Is it time to replace the rear Sprocket?

    Doing most of my riding on a shaft bike, makes me forget about the sprockets and chain my other Bikes. This is my 610 rear sprocket. So do you guys think there is still some life in my sprocket or do I need to change it now. I have worn a rear more than this, but I am getting second thoughts...
  14. North

    Helmet Cams, which one and where to buy?

    I have been wanting a helmet / dash cam a while. Just as I think I know which one I want, I read something bad about it. With the Gopro I have read were some of them freeze up. I was looking at Sony which was less cost than the Gopro, the color looked better, it was better in low light too and...
  15. North

    Lithium Battery

    Just put a Shorai Lithium Battery in my 530 KTM. What a world of difference. The Bike was hard to start cold at the best of times. If the battery was low, forget it. With a fully charged battery, if you didn't start it on the first try, you could just end up cranking it over until the...
  16. North

    Hand Air pump for the Motorcycle.

    Hi, I was wonder if anyone knows of a good Manual Air pump to carry on the Bike. I did have an Electric one, it got smashed when I dumped the Bike once. I have been carrying a small foot pump for years. I went to use it at home last week to see if it works and it doesn't. Anyways I am looking...
  17. North

    Where to buy in Surrey. Shinko Dual Sport 700 tires

    Hi, Looking for a front and back for an 09 KLX250S. I was thinking of the Shinko Dual Sport 700 tires. Any thoughts on the Tires and a place to get them in or around Surrey. Thanks Rick & Daughter Molly
  18. North

    Riding Gloves

    I am in the market for some gore-tex gloves. I have been looking at the follow two. I was wondering if anyone has any input on these Gloves and any other. I am looking for protect and something I can wear spring, summer and fall on my Dirt Bikes. And all year round on my 1200GS that has heated...
  19. North

    Anyone riding out from North-West Surrey?

    Just wondering if anyone is riding out from Surrey? Molly and I are heading out from Surrey by Delta border to the Newbie ride. The 88th and Scott road area. I was thinking of maybe taking the back roads out. Or is anyone meeting up at the Chevron on 232 and No.1 Hiway? Rick
  20. North

    Sent in my Arai Helmet in to Arai USA for a new chin strap, bad news.

    The chin strap on my 2008 XD3 Arai helmet was fraying and becoming shorter and shorter. I paid 600 dollars for it, so it really pissed me off. I went to the Arai web site and filled out the stuff and got an email. I made a phone and got the phone number of the warehouse where they do the...